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On Tuesday 10th January 2012 saw PC Alan Cook join us in the Eava FM studio to talk about how we can help to reduce crime.

Added: Wednesday 11th January 2012 08:00:22 AM

On Tuesday 10th January 2012 saw PC Alan Cook join us in the Eava FM studio to talk about how we can help to reduce crime.

PC Alan is a crime reduction officer who has been a PC for 25 years, when he first started there were no mobile phones and very few CCTV cameras about. However with the development of new technology we also saw an increase in crime because people became attracted to the new technology. As time as gone by we've gained more CCTV cameras which is a valuable tool in helping to solve crimes.

Crime figures have thankfully gone down in Leicester over time, because people are more aware of what they can and can't do.

During the interview Alan gave out some useful tips, which are:

At cash points when you are drawing money out, be aware of who is around you, make sure no-one is looking over your shoulder and don't get distracted.

Bank Cards - if you have more than one make sure each card has a different pin number and don't write your pin numbers down (because you are just helping the criminals).

PC Alan mentioned that as an annual initiative the police supply purse bells and chains. You attach the bells to your purse and the chain you attach from the purse to the zip of your bag, and then you'll hear if someone is trying to steal your purse.

With passwords try and have passwords that are personal to you, either a pet's name, family name or a date and mix letters with numbers together.

Criminals often enter properties via the rear door or windows because the owners are busy and go out forgetting to lock the door and windows. To help prevent this try and fit window locks, get good quality locks on your doors and use bolts and chains if possible. Make sure that doors are locked even when you are inside the house, and fit a spy hole so that you can see who is at the door before you answer it, if your not happy with who they say they are don't let them in.

If you discover you have been broken into then call the police either on 999 if the burglar is still in the house or call 101 for non emergency's, also on this number you can report any incidents.

The police also have an event coming up where the public can attend and meet the chief constable and ask questions, these dates are:

Thursday 12th January at the Town Hall in Leicester.

Wednesday 25th January at Harborough District Council in Market Harborough.

Monday 30th January at Rutland County Council Offices in Oakham.

Tuesday 31st January at Police Headquarters St Johns in Enderby.

These meetings take place at 6pm to 8pm with light refreshments available from 5.30pm. If you intend on attending these meetings please call 0116 2298986 or email police.authority@leicestershire.pnn.police.uk and in the subject line write count my view, so that they know how many people are attending.

If you can't make it in person there will be a live web chat on Wednesday 8th February from 6pm until 7pm, where you will be able to ask the Chief Constable any questions or queries you might have. You can access this live web chat by going onto the Leicestershire Constabulary website which is www.leics.police.uk.

"The fear of crime is greater than the actual crime." PC Alan Cook

Written by Annika Woodward & Uploaded by VZONE Multimedia