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Bhangra artist Banger visits Eava FM

Added: Friday 13th January 2012 05:06:05 AM

Bhangra artist Banger visits Eava FM

On Tuesday 10th January 2012 Dee surprised all the bhangra fans by inviting in bhangra artist Banger.

Banger who came all the way from Birmingham to speak to EAVA fans was delighted to be on the show and a little nervous because he wasn't sure what Dee had in store for him. Dee was obviously lovely as usual and started off the radio interview by asking him a little bit about himself.

Banger was born and bred in Handsworth, Birmingham. He attended Holyhead comprehensive school for 11-16 years.

Holyhead School had extra-curricular activities and one of these was to learn to use the Asian instrument Tabla. This is in fact where Banger first learned to play the instrument. Banger was so fond of playing the Tabla that he started practising after school. He then went on to learn to play the Dholki and the classical flute. Many artists today first get into music because they liked a unique sound from another artist or just inspired by another artist all together. So Dee asked Banger who inspired him Banger replied the late:

"Kuldeep Manak"

Kuldeep Manak is known for singing traditional Punjabi folk songs and was a legend in the bhangra music scene.

Banger actually got the chance to meet him whilst on holiday to India because he only lived up the road. When Banger first met him he can recall being start struck because he couldn't believe he was standing in front of the legend himself.

Banger says,

"He was such a humble guy, and straight forward if he didn't like a song that you made he would let you know and then tell you how to improve it which is great."

When he passed away Banger was extremely upset because he was like a mentor to him. But Banger was pleased that Kuldeep appeared in one of Bangers videos before he left us and also blessed him which meant a lot to the up and coming bhangra artist.

Big things are awaiting Banger in the future as he has already got his debut single "Soorma" coming out, he is waiting to record two new tracks and also a duet but he wouldn't tell us who would be joining him on the duet so we'll all have to wait and see.

His debut single Soorma is due to be released under Realtone Records on 26th January 2012 and is produced by the Money Spinners and Time Records.

You can also join Banger on Facebook and Twitter using the links below:

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Written by Gavin Lewis & Uploaded by VZONE Multimedia