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Bhangra Dhol Legend King Gurcharan Mall visits Eava FM

Added: Sunday 22nd January 2012 03:56:14 AM

Bhangra Dhol Legend King Gurcharan Mall visits Eava FM

What a morning show Dee had in store for us, when Bhangra Dhol Legend King Gurcharan Mall came into the studio for Dee's breakfast show.

Tuesday 17th January Bhangra Legend King Gurcharan Mall came into the studio to talk about his life, his Guinness world record, youths and his plan to set another world record.

King Gurcharan Mall and his family came to England in the 1960's he had to adapt quickly from rural India to major city Birmingham. He quickly got on with his English education, and qualified as a mechanical engineer but his love for music continued from India and he came to the decision of sticking to his roots by studying the Dhol in his spare time.

As a teenager he started to follow traditional bhangra UK based groups who were developing the bhangra sound with traditional western instruments. Although King Gurcharan Mall enjoyed the new sound he stuck to the traditional sound and mastered his skills as a dance and Dhol musician.

He started to form his own dance groups and quickly gained a reputation winning many awards. He toured all over the world with his groups and people recognised him as a teacher which led to his involvement in many other groups.

He is the Chair & Artistic Director of Punjabi Music Dance Academy and Music Builds Bridges, he has been teaching Bhangra dance and the Dhol since 1977 in Schools, Colleges, Universities and Art Centre's all over the country and abroad.

In 1986 he got his big break with group Apna Sangeet in which he was the first Dholki and Dhol player outside India to play with a singing group, they released their debut album "Apna Sangeet by Apna Sangeet".

He is a full time Musician, Music Producer, Artistic Director, Manager, Writer, Coach, Choreographer in Bhangra Music and Dance.

He has also set 2 records which are in the Guinness book of records. The first record he set was in 1999 alongside his group the Dhol Blasters which was a Dholathon, where they played there Dhols for 42 hours nonstop. The second record they set was in 2001 when they broke their original record this time playing for 53 hours a record which still stands today despite the attempt by many other groups to break it.

King Gurcharan Mall is also due to set a new record having a Bhangra danceathon with 2200 dancers from all over the world.

For more info on this, tune in on Dee's breakfast show every Monday and Tuesday 9am-12pm on EAVA FM.

Before King Gurcharan Mall left Vijay asked him,

"Have you got any advice for young musicians"? King Gurcharan Mall replied,

"To be successful, dedication is the first word and we need aim but not ego."

Wise words from the Dhol legend he also mentioned, you should go and learn and at first you may not make any money. King Gurcharan Mall said when he first started he didn't make any money and he had a wife and 3 kids to take care of but he stuck with it.

If you would like more info on King Gurcharan Mall you can go on the website or go to his Facebook page, links below:


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Written by Gavin Lewis & Uploaded by VZONE Multimedia