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Start your Diet with Gulshinder and EAVA FM

Added: Tuesday 31st January 2012 10:10:08 AM

Start your Diet with Gulshinder and EAVA FM

Tuesday 24th January Gulshinder our favourite dietician popped into the studio to make sure we're all still dieting, eating healthy and to set us all a challenge.

Gulshinder reminded us that whilst dieting it's not good trying to starve yourself due to the fact that your body won't know when it's going to get its next meal so instead of getting rid of calories it stores them instead.

Gulshinder said,

"Things we all love but we know are not good for us, are ok if eaten in smaller quantities and less frequent."

We have to eat balanced meals to stay healthy and an example of this would be, jacket potato with cottage cheese or beans and salad. You could also have coleslaw or houmous but you have to make sure there's low fat mayonnaise in the coleslaw and low fat houmous that you choose.

When it comes to a balanced meal, you should always have half a plate of veg, quarter of your plate protein and the final quarter carbs. If you are going to snack then healthy things you should snack on are rice cakes, fruit and veggie sticks.

When it comes to healthy fluids the healthiest drink is water but you could always have milk or even a milkshake but must be made with milk instead of ice cream. Fizzy drinks are no good because they contain far too much sugar and when it comes to fruit juices they also contain too much sugar, but one glass of fresh fruit juice at 250mls a day is OK which would be equivalent to 1 of your 5 a day.

When it comes to eating healthy and making sure we have 3 meals a day this can be quite difficult due to the fact many people miss meals.

If for example you're an office worker and always up and about and in and out of meetings you may not have time to eat, so when you finally do get a chance to eat at home you tend to eat loads and pile on the calories which can obviously make you gain loads of weight.

Another thing people tend to do is stick to a diet throughout the week then when it comes to the weekend they eat and drink loads, if you do this then all your dieting throughout the week will have gone to waste because the junk you've drank and ate at the weekend has put all the weight back on.

At the start of the show Gulshinder set the three of us a challenge to lose weight because we all wanted to lose the pounds and one us to put on weight. We all got weighed and Gulshinder wants us to lose a pound a week for the next four weeks and vice versa for the individual wanting to put weight on. She will then come back and will weigh us again to see if there's a change. This challenge can be done at home and is for everyone but you must remember to do a little exercise and eat healthy.

If you would like to work out your own weight from Kg into stones then you take your weight in Kg and multiply by 2.2 this will give your weight in pounds then you divide that figure by 14 to give you your weight in stones.

An idea of how much a pound is a week, it is about 3500 calories this amount might sound a lot but it isn't. If you think that's 500 calories a day and you could cut out 3 biscuits at 100 calories each then you've only got to cut down 200 calories each day.

Get Started Today!!!!!

Written by Gavin Lewis & Uploaded by VZONE Multimedia