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Fridays with Kebi Dhindsa on EAVA FM

Added: Friday 10th February 2012 10:54:01 AM

Fridays with Kebi Dhindsa on EAVA FM

Every Friday at EAVA FM we have the pleasure of having a Bhangra artist presenting the morning show from 9am - 12 noon, that artist is none other than Kebi Dhindsa.

You may know him from the 1995 "Best New Band" award winners KB & The Gang.

Kebi was born in Dhindsa Village, Jalandhar in Punjab, India. He can remember his first musical experience was when he was seven and he surprised his classmates and teachers by singing on India's Independence Day. When the teachers heard him sing they couldn't believe he was so talented and from that day on, they would always ask him to sing.

Kebi eventually took his music to the next level when he moved to England when he was 26 years old and formed the group KB and the gang. The group released their debut album and was an instant hit in the bhangra scene. This led them to being nominees for an award at the annual Asian Song and Dance Awards despite being only formed 12 months before. All the hard work Kebi and the band put in over the last 12 months led them to winning the "Best New Band 1995" award.

The next album "Desi Vibes" was gaining the same recognition as the debut album. Kebi put his heart and soul into this album having written the lyrics and melodies, but it was also the drive of the rest of the group which helped the album be successful. One of the tracks off the album "Nachde Punjabi" gained the album a lot of success due to its constant rotation on radio stations. All the hard work paid off when Kebi gained an award in 1996 for "Movie Magazine Best Newcomer".

Many great artists are or have been inspired by other great artists, so we asked Kebi who inspired him, he replied

"Gurdas Maan and Kuldeep Manak"

For all those who don't recognise these two great artists from the bhangra scene then Gurdas Maan is considered a notable figure from the world of Punjabi music who has recorded 27 albums and has written over 200 songs. Kuldeep Manak who recently passed away in November was a legend in the bhangra scene for 43 years and is a great inspiration to many other artists in Punjabi music.

Kebi has also worked with other artists such as Malkit Singh, Bally Sagoo and Punjabi MC. Malkit Singh who you may know from the band "Golden Star" has toured with Kebi on many shows in the USA, Spain, France, Norway and India. He also has practice sessions with artist Bally Sagoo and toured the USA from LA to New York with Punjabi MC.

We are all wondering what Kebi has in store for us in the future so we asked Kebi

What have you got in store for everyone in the future?

Kebi answered,

"I am currently working on a new album which artist Miss Pooja will be featuring on and I am working on a song with my son Ricky"

Kebi hasn't set any tour dates yet but we at EAVA FM will keep everyone posted. So watch out for big things in the future from Kebi and also his son Ricky. You can find out more or listen to his music on his website:


Written by Gavin Lewis & Uploaded by VZONE Multimedia