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Static releases new debut single and visits EAVA FM

Added: Tuesday 28th February 2012 10:23:25 AM

Static releases new debut single and visits EAVA FM

Tuesday 14th February, Dee invited in recently signed artist Static into the studio for her mid-morning breakfast show. Static born in Leeds raised in Leicester came in to the studio to talk about his debut single "U and I", his inspirations and future projects.

Static was born in Leeds, he moved to Leicester when he was very young and has been here for the last 21 years. He attended Soar Valley College and Leicester College. Static had always been into cars from a young age so when he attended Leicester College he studied car body repairs, and then at just 20 years old opened his first garage which is still open now.

Dee asked the newly signed artist, "How did u get into music?"

Static answered, "I've always been into music but rap music just helped me express how I felt in certain situations and because I've always had a thing for slow jams, I incorporate them in my songs."

Rap music is the most preferred music genre for Static due to the way it's expressed and the rhythmic flow which keeps you bouncing is what attracted static to the genre.

One thing that is on every up and coming artist or producers mind is how can I get heard or how do I get my music out there, well it was the exact same for the rapper.

"Trying to get heard was the hardest thing for me to do, I spent loads of time sending my music to record labels and hearing nothing from them, then I found Global Voice Syndicate, who were very helpful and gave me a shot."

Static mentioned that Global Voice Syndicate would never turn an artist away like other labels they'll always give you professional advice from there great management team and send you off in the right direction.

Statics debut single "U and I" is finally here,

"It has taken 2 years from the start of getting signed to releasing my first track, a long journey but definitely one of my memorable moments. Another would have to be seeing the final product of my single, which I was jumping up and down when I first seen it and another was actually signing the contract."

"U and I", is a song emotionally linked to Static's last relationship, which is where he got the inspiration to write the debut single. The rocky relationship helped the delivery of the lyrics which gives it a more emotional feel and people can relate to it.

Dee asked the newly signed artist if he had any advice for upcoming artists/producers and he answered,

"Just go for it, don't back down if you have a goal or achievement. Education is extremely important, don't get ahead of yourself and always stay grounded."

What has Static got in store for us in the future, well for starters he's always recording and he's got a few tracks nearly ready for us but the second single 'You aint gotta call' is out soon and is about relationships again but this time is about picking yourself up and moving on.

Dee asked Static what he had in store for the future,

"Well I want to keep delivering/producing music to the audience, keep doing positive things, hopefully be a role model to younger people, keep building my garage and get at least one of my tracks into the mainstream."

He would also love to collaborate with artist such as The Game, Jay Sean, Ne-Yo and Donnell Jones.

The debut single 'U and I' is now available on ITunes, Amazon and AirPlay Direct so get your copy now.

You can also join Static's Facebook page: Facebook Static

Written by Gavin Lewis & Uploaded by VZONE Multimedia