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Sergeant Sarah Widdowson visits EAVA FM studio on Tuesday 21st February 2012 for the weekly police talk

Added: Monday 5th March 2012 09:59:09 AM

Sergeant Sarah Widdowson visits EAVA FM studio on Tuesday 21st February 2012 for the weekly police talk

Sarah Widdowson is based in the Belgrave and Latimer Neighbourhood Police team, her husband is also in the Police service and he popped into the studios on Tuesday 14th February 2012 to chat to Dee. His name is Detective Inspector Rob Widdowson. The listeners wanted to find out whether it is easier or harder having a partner in the same profession. For Sarah it's helpful, because she understands that if her partner has to stay on at work then he really does and she thinks it is easier for them because they don't do the same role in the same station.

In the police talk Sarah offered advice on keeping yourself safe as well as your vehicles. Firstly to prevent your vehicle from crime, remember to not leave your belongs on the seats so everyone can see. Remove the satellite navigation and holder and wipe the window after so there isn't that circle left on your screen. Make sure all wires are put out of site and don't leave any loose change on display. If you're going to park your car in the city centre make sure you use a regulated car park, also make sure you have parked in a well lit area and that there a few people walking around you don't want to be parking on a deserted street.

The most important thing is your personal safety, don't walk along the street with your phone in your hand, stick to well lit areas, don't take short cuts. Trust your instincts, if you feel that you are being followed then take a couple of detours to make sure then go to the nearest well lit shop, restaurant or house and tell them you think your being followed. Ask them if you can you stay for a bit, so that it looks like your going somewhere.

You can get yourself a panic alarm which you can obtain either at your local police station or you can buy them online. Other ways to keep yourself safe is to call someone to let them know you're on your way home so that if you're late they can start to find out where you are. Keep your hand on your phone so that you can call someone if you feel unsafe.

Some good results are that last Thursday a man was arrested and charged on burglary of a bangle from a jeweller. The police are also appealing for witnesses after a burglary took place at Sunny Jewellers on 11th February 2012, where the men cornered off the area and broke in with a Pickaxe around 7pm. If you have any information please call 101 or crime stoppers on 0800 555 111.

If you would like to contact Sarah send her an email via the website www.leics.police.uk, you can also pop into the Melton Road Police station or you can call 101 and ask to speak to officer 4048. Also the police are at the Belgrave Neighbourhood centre everyday between 11.30am - 12.30pm, but if no-one is there then you can leave a message in the book behind reception and they will get back to you.

Written by Annika Woodward & Uploaded by VZONE Multimedia