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Police talk with PC Alan Cook at EAVA FM

Added: Wednesday 7th March 2012 09:28:49 AM

Police talk with PC Alan Cook at EAVA FM

PC Alan Cook visited the studios again on Tuesday 28th February 2012, for the weekly police talk.

Dee started off the interview with a question from a listener, who said,

"What are the rules for using a motorbike and bicycle when drunk?"

Well it's against the law to drive a car and a motorbike when drunk, if you do you could get arrested and lose your licence form 12 months to 18 months and when you do get your licence back your insurance will go up. It is Illegal to ride your bicycle when drunk and you can also be arrested and go to court and then you will have to suffer the consequence. It is also against the law to drive a scooter when under the influence of alcohol.

If you're a cyclist stick to cycle paths or use the road, it is illegal to cycle on the footpath, make sure you wear bright clothing and use your lights when cycling in the dark so you're less likely to be knocked off. Disability scooters are restricted by law to the maximum speed of 4 or 5 miles per hour and you are not required to have a driving licence to drive one of these.

The interview then went on to talk about City Watch which is an organisation that is run for the benefits of the shops. City Watch is run by Graham Collins and each month a meeting is set up so that businesses can chat about what has happened, and pass photos on of the criminals. There is a small fee for joining up. If you would like more information visit their website at www.citywatch-leicester.org.uk or you can call them on 0116 2628788 or you can email them at info@citywatch-leicester.org.uk.

There's a scam going round for mobile phone theft, where someone comes up to you to ask you a question, they cover your phone that's left on the table ask you the question and then pick up their map or newspaper and your phone and then they leave the premises , so be aware keep your phone in your pocket. There is also another issue which is unfortunately targeted at young Asian people at school. Where mobile phones are being stolen so please do not flaunt your phone about and if you really have to take a phone to school take an old one.

The difference between robbery and theft is, a robbery is when violence is involved and a theft there's no violence involved. Some good news is that people have been arrested and charged in connection with several robberies at bookmakers, these people will be going to court.

PC Alan also gave a reminder about the new non emergency number which is 101 it cost 15p for the entire duration of the call and that's for both landlines and mobile phones.

Written by Annika Woodward & Uploaded by VZONE Multimedia