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Sergeant Wayne Nimblette from the Rushy Mead police area popped in on Tuesday 6th March 2012 to give the morning listeners their weekly police talk.

Added: Wednesday 14th March 2012 10:39:19 AM

Sergeant Wayne Nimblette from the Rushy Mead police area popped in on Tuesday 6th March 2012 to give the morning listeners their weekly police talk.

There's never a dull moment when it comes to working in the police force, you're always busy and things are always improving. To relax you have to do it outside of work and Sergeant Wayne does this by playing sport.

Sergeant Wayne Nimblette spoke about the new section 30 which covers the disorder act. It has been discussed at length and will be in place from this weekend in the Belgrave and Latimer ward.

Section 30 is to help prevent fights and disorder and to prevent people from getting arrested. Section 30 will run for 6 months, and basically people can ring up if they see a group of people hanging around and they feel intimidated. The police will come along assess the situation and the group can then be removed from that area, if they go return to that area they can be arrested. If any person under the age of 16 is out after 9pm without an adult they will be taken home by the police under this act.

There have been a number of distraction burglaries and there are numerous ways in which criminals will get into your house, they will pose as someone from the electric or water board, they say things like they need the toilet or they can use religion. You must check that they have valid Id with them, and if your not happy with it ring the company that they are working for and check, if your still not happy don't let them into your house.

The police are also doing patrols around schools to check on parking, because there have been numerous complaints about the parking at drop off and pick up times. The police are working with the public and children to educate them and they are also working with the council. The police will randomly turn up to different schools and if you are parked on Zig Zag lines you will get a ticket and no sympathy from the officers, so make sure your not parking illegally because you can be endangering a child's life. The parking fine is £30 for inconsiderate parking.

Laser pens are becoming more fashionable now with in the young community, these youths are using these pens to shine into drivers eyes which is dangerous because the driver can then not see what is happening. Doing this constitutes as assault and you will be arrested. Laser pens are like little torches with a bright light, don't let your children have them and if they do have them keep them in the house.

For more information call 101 or visit www.leics.police.uk and you can email your local neighbourhood police team.

Written by Annika Woodward & Uploaded by VZONE Multimedia