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Sergeant Nicola Preston and Volunteer Hayley Peacher talk about keeping your car safe

Added: Thursday 29th March 2012 08:02:30 AM

Sergeant Nicola Preston and Volunteer Hayley Peacher talk about keeping your car safe

EAVA FM's weekly police talk this 27th March 2012 was done by Sergeant Nicola Preston and Volunteer Hayley Peacher, they came in to chat about an event they have in operation at the minute and how to keep your car safe from been broken into.

Sergeant Nicola has been in the police force for 8 and half years, she started at the Hinckley Road police station and then had a promotion to Welford Road station, she is now based in the Mansfield House police station in the town centre. Nicola says that this is a challenging job but it was "the best decision I have made." To unwind Sergeant Nicola goes out running as it switches off her brain and relaxes her.

Hayley has been a volunteer police support officer for 2 years now as well as being a home carer for her mum. Hayley works within the community, and says "it’s a nice place to work and make new friends."

Around different areas of the city there have been occasions when people's valuables have been stolen from their cars, to help prevent this take out all your valuables including loose change, hide your satellite navigation and wires and wipe away the sucker rings from your window. Having nothing on display makes a world of difference.

There are a series of events happening around Leicester where you can talk to the police to get advice on how to keep yourself safe as well as your valuables. If you come along to these events you will get a little goody bag which will have an air freshener inside and a sponge to wipe your windows down and also you can get anti tamper screws fitted to your number plates so that they are harder to remove.

These events are taking place on:

Tuesday 3rd April at Morrison Freemans Common

Wednesday 4th April at Sainsbury's Belgrave Circle

The events will be taking place between 10am and 2pm so get down to one of these events for advice on safety and valuables.

Written by Annika Woodward & Uploaded by VZONE Multimedia