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Deputy Commander Ben Gillard of Spinney Hill Police Station visits EAVA FM

Added: Thursday 5th April 2012 09:16:41 AM

Deputy Commander Ben Gillard of Spinney Hill Police Station visits EAVA FM

Tuesday 13th of March was the police talk with Dee Bahra. The special guest this week was Deputy Commander Ben Gillard of Spinney Hill police station. Ben visited EAVA FM to talk about the royal visit, being a policemen and crime prevention.

Ben Gillard has been in the police force for 17 years but hasn’t always been in Leicester. The first 5 years of his policing career was in Manchester city centre but he moved back to Leicester, where he’s originally from and where his family is. Ben knew he wanted to be a police officer when he studied at university and has policed all over Leicester including Hinckley road, City Centre and Spinney Hill where he’s currently at.

The Royal visit was a big event for Leicester and the people, but what people didn’t know is the extensive work the police force had to do before the Queen visited. Ben told us there was a lot of planning involved and the checking of drains was a must. All the police work paid off because the Royal visit was very successful and everything went according to plan. It was good that something positive came to Leicester after the EDL protests and the fact that Leicester was the first place on the Queens tour shows that Leicester is leading the way as modern Britain.

Ben’s role was leading the search of DMU’s Hugh Aston building, to insure it was safe for The Queen, The Duke of Edinburgh and Kate Middleton to visit. The Royal guests visited the Hugh Aston building to watch a fashion show performed by the students of DMU. The students/staffs life had to be balanced with conducting the search because it wasn’t fair to shut the whole building down for a week to conduct the search because the students would miss out on valuable studying time. Ben’s most memorable highlight of the visit,

"I managed to secure myself a window where nobody else could go and I saw The Royal guests", Ben said.

Being a policeman for Ben can be very rewarding such as catching burglars, solving high-profile cases and also looking after the community. The police have many obstacles on a day-to-day basis one difficulty is communicating, some people in the area may not be able to speak English but the police have on call translators to assist you and them.

When it comes to crime prevention, there are so many ways you can prevent yourself from being a victim of crime such as taking things out of your car which are valuable. A satellite navigation can be taken out of sight and always remember to wipe the window where it’s been stuck before you leave. If you go out and you leave your bag or handbag lying around then it’s easy for a thief to just come and swipe it so make sure you can see it. If you’re walking down the road at night with your mobile phone to your ear a thief can spot you, run up behind and snatch the phone so always be aware.

When securing your home, why not invest in some window locks or get a monitored alarm system which if goes off goes straight to a call centre who will contact the police if you’re not home. If you’ve got a iPad or iPhone then there is an app available which helps you find your missing equipment you could also write down all the serial numbers of your stuff, take photos and keep it all in an album or on a cd so if something does go missing then it’s easier for the police and insurance company to sort out.

If you do have any queries then you can go down to Spinney Hill police station between 10am-6pm Monday-Friday or call 101 and if it’s an emergency and a crime is happening at that very minute then call 999.

Written by Gavin Lewis & Uploaded by VZONE Multimedia