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Dragonhearts visit the Friday Flex Show on EAVA FM

Added: Friday 6th April 2012 08:40:43 AM

Dragonhearts visit the Friday Flex Show on EAVA FM

Dragonhearts are a Hip Hop duo from Leicester (Rowlatts Hill). The members are DARK A BROWNSVILLE (A.K.A Darkman, Mac B, Chocolate Don, JB) real name James Brown and SOULJA SWIZZ (A.K.A Swizz, SWD, S Dubble, Young Veteran, Pretty but gritty) real name Spencer Weir-Daley and have known each other since their early infant years as they are cousins by marriage.

Talking about their new mixtape "Life of a Dragonheart Vol 2" on the Friday Flex Show hosted by Vij and Mr Solman on EAVA FM will be ready to download very soon!!

They started rapping together in 2000, although Dark A was rapping before that and was also a member Of Speech Ferapy In 2001 and continued to rap with SOULJA SWIZZ along with childhood friends SKINNYMAN C and N.J.D (Rest in Peace). At That time they were calling themselves M.I.K Souljas but created Dragonhearts in 2003. Dark A's brother War Child was a member of Leicester's N.R.T (Nights of The Round Table).

Click here to listen to the Friday Flex Show, 30th March 2012 which includes an interview and freestyle performed by the Dragonhearts live on air.

Dragonhearts are known for their sharp lyrical content about everyday life including street life, their style and 'swagger' as well as community issues & their own personal issues. Both Members bring something to each track as they have different styles but at the same time manage to be on the same wavelength. Dragonhearts are also known as D FAM (DRAGON FAMILY) which is the people they associate with and the people who have love for them male or female.

They have a big following of family and friends behind them and have received positive feedback within the City regarding their music "Life of a Dragonheart Vol 1" mixtape. There was only a few copies released but will be re-released on YouTube along with LIFE OF A DRAGONHEART VOL 2 in March 2012.

In early 2012 they appeared on Leicester radio stations including EAVA FM, playing various tracks from both there mixtapes Life of a Dragonheart Vol 1 & 2. Dragonhearts also featured on eNotes in Leicester Post 2000 music column as one of the leading UK Hip Hop acts in Leicester.

Click here to follow them on Facebook

Written by Dragonhearts and Vij presenter of the Friday Flex Show (Every Friday’s between 9pm – 11pm on EAVA FM 102.5).

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