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Police Talk with PC Sandie Hastings on EAVA FM

Added: Wednesday 11th April 2012 10:22:04 AM

Police Talk with PC Sandie Hastings on EAVA FM

Tuesday 20th March, Dee invited in a special guest for the police talk, PC Sandie Hastings who has been in the police force since she was 16 has recently returned from the US.

Sandie first went to America in 2007 and was asked back to train the Rochester police in New York. Rochester in upstate New York has the highest homicide rate per capita in the whole of New York and PC Sandie Hastings was based there for 3 weeks to train 60 officers.

In recent times in Rochester the police and the public have not seen eye to eye and this is where Sandie came in to help.

The police chief of Rochester wanted to change policing tactics such as community policing which is similar to Leicester police the only differences were the Rochester police carry guns and wake up on a day to day basis knowing that they may not come home.

PC Sandie’s specialty is bringing an offender and the victim of a crime together to sort out why the crime happened. When it comes to organizing a meeting between the offender and victim to discuss what happened and why, it can be very rewarding for all parties.

When the meeting is set up for the offender and victim to discuss the crime that was committed; it can be an emotional journey for both people. Sometimes the offender doesn’t realize how extent the damage is.

"They definitely learn from their mistake because you can normally see it in their faces", says Sandie.

A lot of the time the victim wants to meet there offender but there are cases where the victim may not be ready to. The police can step in and pass messages between the two so problems can also be resolved in a positive manner, it is also possible to gain your belongings or get paid back what was taken.

Sandie does worry about meetings sometimes but would never put two people together if she didn’t think it was safe because the victim could be re-victimized.

Sandie is currently training Leicester police how to deal with neighbor disputes what she also taught Rochester police.

Sandie is very proud of what she did bringing Leicester techniques to New York and would like to go back in the near future.

Written by Gavin Lewis & Uploaded by VZONE Multimedia