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Natalie Profitt Head of New Media of the Leicestershire Constabulary's visits EAVA FM

Added: Wednesday 18th April 2012 11:28:49 AM

Natalie Profitt Head of New Media of the Leicestershire Constabulary

Natalie came in to discuss her role within the department and to tell us their new forms of effective communication within Leicester and its surrounding areas.

Natalie has been with the Leicester police force for 6 years and in that time has seen firsthand Leicestershire’s ever changing communities grow. With this brings many new challenges along the way when working with the diverse cultures and languages both in the community and online.

As Head of New Media, what does this mean within the Leicestershire police force?

Over the last few years we have been expanding our communications to encompass lots of different online technologies. We now have Facebook pages for the constabulary as a whole and for all the different Leicestershire areas. We have Twitter feeds for the force, our police helicopters, the Chief Superintendent Rob Nixon and our Chief Constable.

We are also currently doing training sessions for all our beat officers in the city so that every single beat in the whole of the city area will be available on Twitter to engage with the communities. We also have YouTube channels where we put out appeals and campaigns with special videos. We have also recently set up a Flickr channel which is an online photo sharing website. We have been using this to put out pro-active and positive images of the community. We have just begun a 'Photo of the Day' campaign. The idea is to put out a photo that represents something about Leicester police.

How can we access Flickr?

By clicking www.flickr.com/leicspolice you can access something called photo stream which will give you access to a list of all of our photos.

Can anyone click onto these sites to see the photos?

Absolutely! The more people the better. We want as many people to see the work that we do and that covers anything from the appeals that we put out on Twitter and our website through to the positive messages that we put out and the campaigns we're running. We also want people to talk to us and tell us the problems and issues in your area and what we can do to help.

Have you noticed any changes in the last few years within the police force and how you've moved forward?

Definitely, in the last couple of years alone we have gone through a massive change of opening up all these digital communications channels. Before we had a closed system of getting messages out into the community, it was traditional in the sense that we did posters, we'd speak to the media and we would rely on messages going out through the local papers, radio and TV. Now, we are able to take control and broadcast ourselves. We're still using the traditional methods because radio, television and papers are still popular were just embracing all of the new media’s which gives us access to new audiences and give people as many different ways to get in touch with us.

How can we get in touch Via Twitter and Facebook?

If you visit either:




Which is our main police page and we put out all news, witness appeals for information, items that we sell via eBay as well as pictures of items that were stolen and we are trying to reunite with their owners. We also promote a lot of our other twitter feeds that range from our Chief Constable right through to our beat officers. Another system that we use is called:


Which is a community messaging system where you can sign up and send and receive emails from your local officers if you prefer not to use Twitter or Facebook.

How does Neighbourhood Link work?

By signing up and adding your postcode to the website we would be able to keep you informed of all messages and local news directly associated with your area. We also use this site to appeal for information in your area to keep the most up-to-date information circulated.

Are there any other forms of communication with the Leicestershire Police?

Yes, we now offer interactive web chats which are completely anonymous. They act in the same way as MSN chat or Facebook chat. You can ask the inspector of your area a question and the police will answer it live during an hours web chat. You can access these web chats the first Wednesday of every month at 6pm for one hour.

What else is in the pipeline?

We’re looking to do a lot more video, to try and get more CCTV footage to help with crime and witness appeals. These new forms of communication are in place so that we can gather as much information to help expand and give a better service in your communities and to your listeners.

For more information just call 101 to contact the police or log onto the website www.leics.police.uk.

Written by Nicola Padilla & Uploaded by VZONE Multimedia