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VEGA comes to the Friday Flex Show on EAVA FM all the way from South Africa

Added: Friday 20th April 2012 09:20:00 AM

VEGA comes to the Friday Flex Show on EAVA FM all the way from South Africa

VEGA is known as one of the brightest stars in the sky. There’re young, hip, and talented...there're sky bound! VEGA is a 3 piece musical group comprising of two guys and one lady. These three members aspire to be “one of the brightest stars” in the entertainment world starting with their debut album, Around the world, that has the quality that surely will take them around the world.

Their mission is to showcase South Africa’s musical talent to the world. VEGA’s sound is fresh, but respectful of the vast array of sheer musical beauty that’s gone before and it also includes the ‘current’ musical sounds and technologies to keep up with this ever changing and ever evolving musical world without losing our lyrical quality. If you are longing for some original nicely arranged music with matured lyrics, then listen to VEGA and you will not be disappointed.

VEGA (pronounced: vey - gah) is a collaboration comprising of Archie, Hunter & Lucan.

With aspirations to dominate internationally, we have carefully put together a debut album "AROUND THE WORLD" that is universal although leaning heavily towards Urban Contemporary. In the album, expect to find love ballads, club bangers, songs to lift you up and melodies to cruise to.

Their debut album, Around the world, was produced by Archie & it was mixed & mastered by a 2 time Grammy Award winning New York City based engineer – Chris Theis and it was marketed, promoted and advertised by Matchbox Recordings – a UK based promotions company whose credits include Lady Gaga, Kelly Rowland, Tinie Tempah, Madonna and many others. Their TV commercial that’s being shown during prime time on the UK TVs (MTV Base, AKA, Chartshow TV, Massive R&B, Clubland, Starz and Flava).

Archie who came to the EAVA studio is a Zimbabwean born South African citizen living and working in England who has a strong passion for music. He basically has two lives in…a music producer and a senior SAP Consultant/Prince 2 certified Project Manager. He’s a father of the most beautiful 4 year old daughter alive called Katriel.

Archie studied music production in Pro Tools, sound engineering & video editing at the South African Broadcasting Corporation based college called Academy of Sound Engineering in 2006.

He then founded Tigere Records & started building his own studio till it was a fully-fledged studio with a separate control room from the vocal booth and a third room for acoustic drums.

He also formed a live cover band in 2007 called Enharmonics that performed cover songs at corporate functions and in different pubs. The group performed in different genres from Gimme hope Johana to Chris Brown via Anita Baker and Archie was the band director as well.

Archie then relocated to England in 2010 where he was working as an SAP consultant but his love for music didn’t die. He continued producing music in some hired studios in London and some in collaboration with Gregg Whitfield – an American based music producer.

Archie then formed a music group called Vega - a 3-piece group of two guys and a lady. He had to source the two other talents to "collaborate" with using the name VEGA. This is when Vega was born, in April 2011 and Archie is the brains behind this group – a soon to be a household name in the music industry.

Archie produced VEGA’s debut album "Around the world" and it was mixed and mastered by a 2 time Grammy award winning engineer, Chris Theis based in New York which is currently being promoted, marketed and advertised by Matchbox Recordings based in England.

"I believe in the unbelievable and I believe I can do anything" said Archie. Like Lance Armstrong said, pain is temporary but quitting lasts forever and Archie believes that in full that’s why he’s not afraid to venture out of his comfort zone. “I’m a self disciplined individual and I know that as soon as I believe, I’m already halfway there” he concluded.

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Written by Archie from VEGA and Vij presenter of the Friday Flex Show (Every Friday’s between 9pm – 11pm on EAVA FM 102.5).

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