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Crime Reduction Officer PC Alan Cook visits EAVA FM

Added: Monday 23rd April 2012 10:03:14 AM

Crime Reduction Officer PC Alan Cook visits EAVA FM

On 10th April 2012 during police talk we were joined by Crime Reduction Officer PC Alan Cook from Mansfield House who came in to discuss how EAVA listeners and Leicester citizens can play an active role in reducing vehicle crime.

What have you been working on over the last couple of weeks?

We have been carrying out a vehicle crime initiative all around the city in co-operation with Leicester City Council. On a temporary basis, we have set up at four supermarket car parks around Leicester where we have been fitting anti tamper license plate screws free of charge. We also had a prize draw and were giving out crime prevention packs over a two week period and overall we were very pleased with the results. We gave out over 1000 packs with crime prevention messages in and around 250 people had their number plates secured.

Is it possible to still have my number plates treated with the anti-tamper screws even if I didn't attend your workshops?

Yes, that's no problem but we would need the make and model of your car because the screws are a specific to your car.

What was up for grabs at the prize draw?

The prize draw was very successful. We had four winners, one from each supermarket and the prize was for a steering lock.

How important are steering wheel locks?

In my experience they are very good deterrent. It shows the thief that you take more care over your vehicle and that hopefully they will be deterred from breaking into your car and move on to another. It's all about common sense.

Can you give us more advice about keeping our cars safe from thieves?

Certainly, the first thing you should do is, if you use a satellite navigation make sure you remove it from the car when you're not in it and also remove the cradle that goes with it. To be ultra safe also clean the area on the window where it sits. We have been giving away special wipes that remove any marks the cradle leaves so my advice is, if you don't need it in your car then remove it because a lot of cars nowadays are hatchbacks and can be easily broken into.

Regarding the current news scares of petrol shortages, some of our listeners have had their petrol caps tampered with. Is there any advice you could give on that?

Yes, most vehicles come with locking petrol caps but if yours doesn't, you can purchase one from any motorist related shop or petrol station forecourt. This is important for the same reason why we have anti-tamper number plate screws, because there are a number of number plates stolen and sometimes it is to commit serious offences. However it may simply be to steal petrol because it’s very expensive, to prevent this try and park your car in a lit up area or in your garage.

Would you say it is also a good idea to have an alarm fitted in you garage?

You would be amazed how many people use their garages for purposes other than to keep their cars safe and secure at night. If you don't have an alarm fitted already it’s a very good idea to consider having one fitted. In some cases you can have them linked to your house alarm or in other cases you can get stand alone alarms that work on sensors. They are a good deterrent. You can also consider alarms for your outdoor sheds because if you have expensive tools like strimmers, lawnmowers etc, it would be a great expense to replace those items if they were stolen.

PC Alan Cook final advice for today, "Take sensible precautions then you won’t need to worry. Have a common sense approach, in order to relax and enjoy life. It’s about raising awareness and reducing crime."

If you want any other information please contact PC Alan Cooke on 101 or 0116 2222 222

Written by Nicola Padilla & Uploaded by VZONE Multimedia