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HM Revenue and Customs visits EAVA FM

Added: Tuesday 1st May 2012 08:43:05 AM

HM Revenue and Customs visits EAVA FM

Cliff Hathaway from HM Revenue and Customs visits EAVA FM on the Legal Show hosted by Minesh Ruparelia from Just Legal Group on Tuesday 17th April 2012 to talk about smuggled goods and Tax Credits.

HM Revenue and Customs used to be Inland Revenue and Excise, but joined up to be HM Revenue and Customs. Cliff works for the communications side of the business, where they have around 30 million customers who pay their national insurance and income tax. HMRC also work on dealing with smuggled and counterfeit goods, in partnership with Trading Standards, UK VA and Enforcement Agencies.

There was a very large case a few weeks ago where a large amount of smuggled cigarettes were confiscated, this was just round the corner from the EAVA FM studio, this case is still being investigated. The criminals are looking for where they can sell the goods cheaply and make a profit, the profit then goes back into criminal activity. The effects this has on people are that the public are deprived of 2 billion pounds a year, this is theft from the public. HMRC's aim is to educate the public and make them aware of the situation.

If you think you have seen any counterfeit goods contact HMRC on 0800 595 000 but don't get involved you can also ring the police or crime stoppers.

TAX CREDITS – There are around 6 million families across the UK who receives this award from HMRC and these are to support the families when they need it the most.

CHILD TAX CREDITS – If you have children you can receive this and the more children you have the more money you receive.

WORKING TAX CREDITS – You can receive this if you are on a low income and this is used as a top up to your earnings. You don't have to have children to claim you can be a childless couple or single.

If you think you qualify for these then go on to www.hmrc.gov.uk and use the calculator to see if you are entitled.

"This is not a charity, not a hand out, it’s an entitlement." - Cliff Hathaway.

You can also give them a call on 0345 300 3900 between 8am – 8pm Monday - Friday and 8am – 4pm on Saturday.

If you have an existing claim then you have until 31st July to make your renewal claim and make sure you let HMRC know of any changed to your circumstances.

For more information please visit www.hmrc.gov.uk

Written by Annika Woodward & Uploaded by VZONE Multimedia