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K.S. Bhamrah visits EAVA FM

Added: Thursday 3rd May 2012 09:36:35 AM

K.S. Bhamrah visits EAVA FM

EAVA FM was very excited this Wednesday 2nd May because they were joined by very special guest K.S. Bhamrah, a true legend of UK Bhangra! He came in to tell Dee about his new album 'Apne Viyah De Vich Nachan Deyo' Songs for your wedding, which features 9 wedding songs for the whole family to enjoy.

Can you tell us a little bit about your new album?

The Album is about wedding songs. It is a continuation of my work and previous albums which have been specially made for weddings in our communities. It is not 100% commercial music but it is music that will be ever present in those in a lifetime moments of a wedding. There are songs are for mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters, young and old.

Why did you decide to write an album on the subject of weddings?

For the Punjabi culture really, during Punjabi weddings there are so many different ceremonies that take place. They are celebrated to a high standard. In the culture the wedding is so important that everything we save during this time we spend on this special occasion. All of the family get involved in the traditional ceremonies. It’s about everybody getting together and spending time together.

Can you tell us about the songs themselves?

The first song on the Album 'Apne Viyah De Vich' is all about the groom. He doesn't care about anybody else because he is too busy dancing and enjoying himself. People tell him he doesn't look nice but he doesn't care he just continues to enjoy himself. So this is s light hearted look at the groom on his wedding day.

'Maiya', the second song on the album refers to the very old ceremony that took place in India with brides, the traditional way they were groomed before the wedding. There is a girls and boys version of this song on the album.

Another song on the album 'My Brothers Wedding’ is about all the younger brothers and sisters who are very happy because their brother is getting married and they look forward to dressing up and having a party. When they get together they dance and celebrate their happiness.

'Mummy Panni' is a song for mothers and ceremonies. It’s about what the mother is feeling during this time. I wanted to write songs from different members of the family and their perspectives.

Did you write the whole album?

Yes, I wrote all of the lyrics and composed the music myself. It was a very emotional album to write. I hope people will enjoy this album as much as I have enjoyed making it.

Can you tell us a little bit about your background?

I came to the UK in 1979 as a Civil Engineer. No sooner had I settled in Birmingham I was discovered by Tarlochan Singh Bilga of Bhugungy Group. Four years with Bhugungy Group lead to Sardara Gill and me to explore pastures new as we left to form our own band. A three piece band which was named after what we were all about.

Apna Sangeet which means ‘Our Music’, in 1987 the release of ‘Tour India’ and in 1988 ‘Mera Yaar’ propelled Apna Sangeet into superstar status. Tours in Canada, America, Holland, Kenya and India propelled Apna Sangeet to international stars. In 2006 I teamed up with VIP Records and the launch of my long awaited album ‘The Return’, firmly re-establish me as a major player in the nu skool of Bhangra. I have gone from strength to strength. Although nobody is forever, I hope that the people that listen to my music continue to support me on my journey.

What projects do you have planned for the future?

I will be working on a religious album. It will be about Sikh history, because I am Sikh. We are still in the early stages but will be out over the coming year.

'Apne Viah De Vich Nachan Deyo' Songs for your wedding by K.S. Bhamrah was released on 19th April 2012.

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Written by Nicola Padilla & Uploaded by VZONE Multimedia