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Bhajans by Paresh Raja, Chorus Bhogi Bhai Raja and Tabla by Hari Trivedi

Added: Thursday 10th May 2012 07:34:28 AM

Bhajans by Paresh Raja, Chorus Bhogi Bhai Raja and Tabla by Hari Trivedi

When it comes to bhajans and kirtans, there are many groups and styles of singing. Pareshbhai Raja's style of devotional bhajans is based on semi-classical music and tones that will soothe to create a highly calm environment.

The group consists of Ranchodbhai Patel (the main Harmonium player), Flute player (Arvindbhai Patel), Pareshbhai Raja and young artists such as Kunal Sompura on percussion, Avni Thakrar, Srivani Raja on the vocals and Dhiresh Raithatha.

The group has been performing together as a group for many years all over the UK purely for Bhakti (unconditional love towards God) and do not take any form of revenue for themselves.

Any revenue given or generated is given to charity. The group has moved from strength to strength with God's grace and is constantly doing Seva at homes, functions, katha's at temples or performance halls.

The bhajans are mainly Krishna bhajans and associated with the Pushtimarg side of Hinduism. However, their bhajan sessions include a varied mix of Shiv, Ram, Jalaram Bapa, Mataji and other kirtans which everyone can participate in. Mr Raja and the group believe that they are not performers but there to sing where the audience is involved and taking part. Training the youth has always been at the forefront where many youngsters are learning and takeing part with the group.

Pareshbhai and the group have been very grateful for the opportunity to sing live on air for EAVA FM and would like to thank the team for that.

Tabla by Hari Trivedi every Thursday’s 4:30pm – 5:30pm & 5:30pm – 6:30pm at the Santosh Day Care Centre, 2a Wingfield Street, Leicester, LE4 5DS. Each 1 hour session is £5 each per student.

Written by Hari Trivedi & Uploaded by VZONE Multimedia