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The Friday Flex team from EAVA FM go Hysteria for the Valentines Showdown!!

Added: Tuesday 19th February 2013 05:26:07 PM

The Friday Flex team from EAVA FM go Hysteria for the Valentines Showdown!!

It’s been a good few years since I have been to a Hysteria gig and I am glad to say the Hysteria Vibe is still going on strong.

Hysteria Valentines Showdown

Date: 15 February 2013

Venue: Music Cafe Leicester

What a night!!

DJ Empathy was playing when Veej and I arrived. His set was a good warm up for the rest of the evening. Shortly after midnight the V Records Don Brian G touched down with MC Stormin.

These two came into Hysteria and caused mass Hysteria with an absolutely slamming set. Brians tune selection was inspired playing dark rollers and quintessential V Record material. This was Stormins first time performing in Leicester and he was amazing. He had the Hysteria crowd whipped into frenzy.

Up next was Mampi Swift with Eksman. From start to finish, this set was relentless. Mampi was going in hard with the tunes, dropping old with new and Eksman was complementing the tunes with a lyrical assault. The crowd on the dance floor were lapping up the music and the lyrics.

Venturing into room two we caught the Bass Militants crew doing their thing. Mc Maveric was tearing up the place with his machine gun lyrical style. The crowd were just as hyped as the DJ and MC.

Back to the main room and it was time for Chunky Bizzle and Mc Spyda. By now there was no room to move on the dance floor and EVERYONE was dancing. Even the bar space was hazardous to walk past as the Hysteria crew were dancing everywhere.

This was the first time I have heard Chunky Bizzle play, his set was on point from start to end. Playing some absolute slammers he had the crowd under his spell. Mc Spyda was in absolute control of the mic with his lyrical flow increasing the vibe. During the set, Stormin stepped up and went into a combination with Spyda. Being someone who has always appreciated MC’ing, I was loving their work.

Next up was the possibly the set of the night.

The Shadow Demon Crew had entered Hysteria to dark up the place. DJ Sly, Bassman and Trigga, what a combination and what a set. The ovation SDC received was deafening and the whole place just to kick into a higher gear.

Watching Sly on the decks and mixer was a sight to behold. I was impressed with his mixing skills and his use of the cross fader to drop little snippets of the incoming tune. The crowd were in overdrive by this time. From the front to the back everyone was loving the set. Bassman and Trigga showed why they are one of the most sought after MC combinations on the scene today. Expertly riding tunes at the right time and more importantly taking time to let the music speak. When Spyda joined in, the crowd were treated to a lyrical Mc exhibition. By the end of the set, you could feel the Hysteria crew had enjoyed every minute.

Coming up to 4 am, it was time for Ray Keith. Even though this was the last set, the venue was still packed with ravers wanting more. Ray Keith, who is an absolute legend, did not disappoint. By the time we left, the crowd were still dancing to the tunes and the vocal talents of MC AT.

Throughout the entire night, the vibe in the place was fantastic. No bad attitudes, just smiley faces and ravers out for a good night. Bassman was chilling in the crowd before his set as was Spyda; both got mobbed by the ravers. Trigga was chilling out with the ravers after his set. Mc Foxy was in attendance as was Shaydee who graced the mic on the SDC set.

The venue was spot on and the system was heavy heavy heavy....

If you are reading this and have never been to a Hysteria event before, attend the next one...you will not be disappointed.

We at Friday Flex would like to thank Kenny, Josh and Music Cafe for making us feel so welcome.

Big ups to all the artists who took time out for interviews, freestyles and pictures.


Written by Sush @Sush1310 & Uploaded by VZONE Multimedia