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The Friday Flex team from EAVA FM go Cage Fighting with MMA Battle Arena

Added: Tuesday 5th March 2013 12:03:34 PM

The Friday Flex team from EAVA FM go Cage Fighting with MMA Battle Arena

Huge line up, Huge crowd, Huge fights, Huge event!! One of the Premier MMA Organisations brought the Razzmatazz of the MMA to Club Republic in Leicester.

Saturday 23rd February 2013

Club Republic Leicester

As Veej and I arrived, local fighter Kieron Kiffin was entering the arena to face Dave Read. The place was already nicely packed and it was only 15:00. Standing in the crowd watching the action was great. One could feel the raw energy and anticipation in the atmosphere.

Kieron was victorious in his first MMA fight winning in the third round. This was the first of many victories for the Leicester Shootfighters Gym. There was no time for breaks as next fight was up straight away.

Throughout the event, the crowd were treated to MMA action ranging from Class C: no head shots or ground and pound, Class B: standing head shots only, no ground and pound, and Class A: head shots and ground and pound allowed.

Going back stage we took time out to speak to some of the fighters and trainers from the different gyms. It was good to meet Nathan from the Leicester Shootfighters gym who offered insight into how the fighters were preparing for their bouts. There was an atmosphere backstage which was quite intense. People were generally speaking in hushed tones and most fighters were ‘in the zone’.

Alex Feary from Leicester Shootfighters was up against Michael Zarkoski. This again was another great battle which was won by Alex in round 2.

MMA Superstar and local lad Andre Winner was in attendance throughout the evening. Andre was part of many fighters ring entourage. It was good to see the support Andre was giving to the grass roots MMA scene. Speaking to him backstage was quite an honour and Andre took time out to accommodate any fans request for a photo.

Jake Constantiou’s victory over Daniel Bloomfield was a sight to behold. A first round stoppage by the referee was necessary after Jake locked Daniel in a choke hold. By now the crowd had doubled in size and the place was packed with everyone focused on the action in the ring.

As Veej and I watched the fights and mingled backstage, we met lots of different fans from all walks of life. During an intermission, the Battle Arena crew got the entire crowd to take part in a Harlem Shake video. Look it up on YouTube it is quite funny.

There was also time to introduce the lovely Battle Arena Babes which was well received by the crowd. I managed to get a picture with the lovely Megan Cash which was a personal highlight.

Friday Flex guest James Bray was unsuccessful in his title bout against Chris Fensome. James gave it his absolute best. We hope to see him back in the ring very soon.

The four title fights were enthralling battles with lots of action and massive support from the crowds. The noise was deafening and the fighters were all rising to the occasion and giving their very best.

The main event of the evening saw local lad Ranjeet Baria of Leicester Shootfighters beat Joe Vidler for the Title. Another fantastic bout ended what was a fantastic event. 25 fights in total is outstanding value for money. A standard ticket is £25 so that works out at £1 per fight!!

The Friday Flex show would like to thank James and Andy for coming into the studio with the fighters, and for making us feel so welcome at the event. You and your team organised a fantastic show which was great for MMA and great for Leicester, Thank you.

The next event in Leicester is set for September 7th 2013. If you are an MMA fan or are just curious to see what it’s like, make sure you attend. You will NOT be disappointed.

Thanks to MMA Battle Arena, The Leicester Shootfighters Team, Andre Winner, The Battle Arena Babes, The Club Republic Staff and finally ALL the fighters, trainers and gyms for putting on a fantastic event for ALL of the great MMA fans in attendance.


Written by Sush @Sush1310 & Uploaded by VZONE Multimedia

Below is a full list of results from the event:

Kieron Kiffin beat Dave Read 0:17 RND3, Submission (Guillotine)

Paul Gannon beat David Gillan 3:00 RND3 Spilt Decision

Luke Carter beat Josh Demoux 2:21 RND1 Submission (Triangle)

Rob Large beat Jordan Hill 3:00 RND3 Unanimous Decision

Steve Li beat Dave Gould 3:00 RND3 Unanimous Decision

Gianni Biggenshaw beat Daniel Smith 1:56 RND1 Submission (Armbar)

Matt King beat Junior Bueno 3:00 RND3 Unanimous Decision

Alex Feary beat Michael Zarkoski 1:44 RND2 Submission (Kirmura)

Dan Beckett beat Daniel Szuper 1:22 RND2 TKO (Strikes)

Brett Francis v Danny Holt 1:36 RND1 TKO (Punch)

Craig Smith beat Craig Rummings 3:00 RND3 Unanimous Decision

Jake Constantiou beat Daniel Bloomfield 3:00 RND1 Referee Stoppage

Wade Bass beat Ricky Green 3:00 RND3 Unanimous Decision

Piotr Bitels beat Mohammed Addajou 1:12 RND2 TKO (Strikes)

Damien Ammar beat James Jones 1:17 RND2 TKO (Strikes)

Ash Snart beat Danny Edwards 1:02 RND1 Submission (Ankle Lock)

Sam Hill beat Jay Oliver 2:39 RND1 TKO (Strikes)

Marrius Kobesko beat Sam Stockdale 3:00 RND3 Spilt Decision

Greshna Adem beat Lewis Gannon 3:00 RND3 Unanimous Decision

Josh McManus beat Jason James 2:35 RND2 Submission (Guillotine)

Johnny Gillian beat Kevin Richardson 3:00 RND3 Split Decision

Matt Bolsover beat Dan Wilce 2:26 RND1 TKO (Punches)

Chris Fensom beat James Bray 3:18 RND1 Submission (Armbar)

Josh Neale beat Phil Tomkins 2:29 RND1 Technical Submission (Armbar)

Ranjeet Baria beat Joe Vidler 1:27 RND3 Submission (Triangle)