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Friday Flex meets John Maveric with Veej & Sush

Added: Thursday 4th April 2013 09:10:27 AM

Friday Flex meets John Maveric with Veej & Sush

Friday Flex was honored to welcome a Leicester artist who is highly respected within the urban scene, John Maveric.

Date: 22 March 2013, Venue: EAVA FM Studios

In the interview we discussed Maverics life growing up in Leicester, how he became involved in music, who were his influences, how he got the name Maveric and more.

Check out the amazing freestyles and the rapid fire session live in the studio:

An artist who has never settled with being known as a versatile and accomplished MC, Maveric has also established his name within the Dubstep scene. On top of this John, is also giving back to the community by tutoring younger students in music at One Take.

We also played a few World exclusives, the up and coming ‘Glassjaw’ and the ‘Bass Militants Anthem’ both produced by John Maveric.

Below are passages taken from Maverics personal bio:

Having been involved with music from the age of ten, Maveric began learning Piano Forte and Music Theory reaching grade 5 in both. This progressed into synth based music production and lyric writing - notably Hip-Hop. Maveric was part of the legendary SONIC BOOM – a Jungle, Drum & Bass night which ran from 1998 to 2005.

Sonic Boom was based in his home town of Leicester and soon caught the attention of upcoming DJs and MCs wanting to perform. The night became a platform for Maveric who was now hosting sets alongside A-list DJs, gaining experience and making great links that took him as far as – HONG KONG, BEJING, SINGAPORE, GERMANY and AMSTERDAM.

Whist performing at Sonic Boom, DJ SS (Founder of Formation Records Leicester) spotted Maveric and invited him to perform at his ‘Club Formation Night’ which allowed Maveric to perform in venues based in London, Manchester, Newcastle and Sheffield to name a few alongside A List Dj's and MCs. Around the same time Maveric held down residencies at HYSTERIA, DETONATE in Nottingham and GET IT ON in Leamington Spa.

Maveric has been producing Dubstep under the name JOHN MAVERIC. He has had several releases, one of which was collaboration with Rob Sparx. The tune ‘Windscreen Sniper’ was released in 2009 released on Z-Audio to great critical acclaim. Maveric has also been established himself as a DJ playing dark, deep atmospheric Dubstep, which tends to be the style he produces.

The FridayFlex show would like to thank John for taking time out and joining us in the Studio.

Big shouts to John Maveric, Josh and all the Friday Flex listeners who tuned to listen to a fantastic show.

Check out John Maveric on:

Twitter - @John_Maveric

Facebook - John Maveric

Soundcloud - John Maveric


Written by Sush @Sush1310 & Uploaded by VZONE Multimedia