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Friday Flex meets Emperorfari Sound System in the EAVA FM studios

Added: Sunday 21st April 2013 05:52:23 AM

Friday Flex meets Emperorfari Sound System in the EAVA FM studios

The Friday Flex team were honoured to welcome Scee Naphtali, Bonnie Blazer and Jam Dubber from the mighty Emperorfari Sound system. Scee Naphtali discussed many different aspects of the Sound system and Roots Reggae culture.

Date: 5th April 2013, Venue: EAVA FM Studios

Born in Kenya, Scees family moved over to the UK in the 70’s. From the tender age of eight, Scee listened to Roots Reggae. As he grew older, Scee would attend the old Blues and Dub sessions. The inspiration from these influences is what drove Scee to create the magnificent Emperorfari Sound system.

For those wondering what a Sound system is, it is an arrangement of speakers which are built to the specific requirements of the Soundman. So in the case of Emperorfari, this would be Scee. The stack consists of speakers which will play the high frequency sounds only, speakers for the middle frequency sounds only and most importantly speakers for the low frequencies or the Bass only.

These speakers are arranged in stacks which can be over 12ft in height. Four grown men are required to carry a single bass speaker or bass bin. There can be four bass bins in a single stack. A typical stack will have around 20 speakers, which means it is loud, very loud. The full Emperorfari Sound system consists of THREE massive stacks which make up the entire sound system. This totals around 60 ear blowing, body shaking top quality speakers.

Just take a moment to imagine your own speakers at home. You may have two, four or even ten speakers at home. You could crank the volume of your home sound system to maximum and play all of your speakers and you still would not come close to the sound these sound systems can generate.

Scee also took time to discuss many different aspects of the Sound system culture. He explained what the term ‘Dub Plate’ meant. This was a disc which was made from acetate plastic or vinyl and was usually an exclusive tune made for a particular sound system. A Friday Flex listener asked what was the role of the ‘Toaster’ and ‘Selector’. Scee explained that a Toaster roughly translated to role of the modern day MC. The ‘Selector’, was the person that ‘selected’ the tunes, roughly translating to the role of a modern day DJ. However it must be stressed these similarities do not imply that Scee is a DJ or that Bonnie Blazer is an MC.

I witnessed exactly what it is they do in person when Veej and I attended One Dub at the Music Cafe the following evening. The event was billed as a Unity Dance which meant the two Sound systems in attendance were not competing with each other. In fact it was the complete opposite, both were playing in Unity with each other for everyone to enjoy. Alongside Emperorfari was the mighty Maasai Warrior Thunderweight Sound system from Bristol. During the show, Scee conveyed a message to the listeners that the idea of his Sound system and the dances that were held was to bring people together. Regardless of race, sex, creed or social status, everyone was welcome to the dance which was held to promote Peace, Love and Unity.

Friday Flex would like to thank Scee Naphtali, Bonnie Blazer, Jam Dubber and the entire Emperorfari Family for what was a fantastic show. Big ups to all the people that tuned into the show, thank you for all of your support.

Check out Emperorfari Sound System on:

Twitter - @EmperorfariScee

Facebook - Emperorfari Sound System

Youtube - Emperorfari Sound System


Written by Sush @Sush1310 & Uploaded by VZONE Multimedia