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Bass Militantz Live on Friday Flex at EAVA FM

Added: Tuesday 28th May 2013 09:53:55 AM

Bass Militantz Live on Friday Flex at EAVA FM

The Friday Flex team were happy to welcome the Bass Militantz crew to the EAVA FM studios.

Date: May 3rd 2013, Venue: EAVA FM Studios, Leicester

We were joined by Dj’s Kyzr, Relentless and Mc A.T. For those who are not aware, Bass Militantz is the name of a Leicester based organisation who are committed to holding Drum and Bass events in the city. A typical event would showcase DJ’s and MC’s from Leicester and surrounding areas with a headline act also being booked.

The crew discussed how they came together in 2010 and what the ideology behind Bass Militantz was. It was great to hear the passion and conviction from all three members and how they were really committed to bringing the best Drum and Bass nights to Leicester.

During their short history, the Bass Militantz organisation have already booked Dj’s such as MAJISTRATE, DJ SLY, LOGAN D, ALPHA, TURNO and A.P.B. These Dj’s have had MC’s such as TRIGGA, FATMAN D, EVIL B, FEARLESS, HERBZIE, UNKNOWN and MAVERIC brought in to hype up the crowd.

Below are extracts taken from the Bass Militantz bio:

Bass Militantz began as a group of friends in 2010 playing at Drum and Bass events in Leicester. Dj Kyzr met up with MC A.T at Drum and Bass event held in Leicester. A month later, Kyzr met up with Dj Relentless, and the three artists discovered that they each shared a talent and love for Drum and Bass. Within a few months, Mc Gully and Mc Viper had come on board. The first event to be held where all members played as one, was held in December 2010.

The idea of putting on events was not discussed until April 2011. Playing at numerous events in Leicester, the individual members noticed that the Leicester scene needed an extra boost of fresh new talent. The first official Bass Militantz event was held in July 2011 to celebrate the birthday of Dj Kyzr and to showcase up and coming talent within Leicester.

As more events were held, new talent was recruited to the Bass Militantz Army. Dj Jackhammer, DJ Intencity, Mc Jaff and H8TO would be added to the resident line up. As word spread, the amount of ravers attending the events grew. The original venue of Canvas would reach maximum occupancy whenever an event was held. Therefore, the crew decided to move their events to The Music Cafe to ensure all ravers attending would get in.

In recognition on their efforts, February 2013 brought some big news for the Bass Militantz as they were given the opportunity to host their own room for the legendary Hysteria organisation. Thereafter, some more big news came their way when Dj Majistrate wanted to hold an event with Bass Militantz to showcase his own label.

Their events are known for the unique vibes created by picking out headliners and up and coming talent to come together and showcase their skills. They are now regarded as one of Leicester’s leading drum and bass organisations. A good sign that the Bass Militantz army will be around for many years and continue to provide that unique vibe that only exists at a Bass Militantz event.

The Friday Flex team would like to thank the Bass Militantz members for taking time out to come into the studio and discuss their history and future plans.

Check out Bass Militantz on:

Twitter - @bassmilitantz

Facebook - Bass Militantz


Written by Sush @Sush1310 & Uploaded by VZONE Multimedia