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Friday Flex goes to The Sweet Tooth Recordings Night at Bass Militantz

Added: Saturday 13th July 2013 05:28:54 AM

Friday Flex goes to The Sweet Tooth Recordings Night at Bass Militantz

Since forming in July 2011 the Bass Militantz organisation have grown from strength to strength.

Date: May 11th 2013, Venue: The Music Cafe, Leicester.

The evidence of their growth, hard work and success was there for all to see at their latest event which was a Sweet Tooth Recordings event. Dj Majistrate was headlining this event along with the number one Mc in Drum and Bass, Eksman. Dj Pleasure was also on hand along with a whole host of up and coming Dj’s and Mc’s to bring the Leicester ravers a night they would not forget.

Waiting in line to enter the venue, Veej and I could hear the bass vibrating through the walls which is always a good sign. Entering the venue, we met Dj Relentless who welcomed us as he was taking care of some event related business. As soon as we walked into the main room, we were greeting with the sight of a nicely filled out venue where 95% of the ravers were on the dance floor. This was NOT an event for the poser who likes to stand and stare from the balcony, you come to Bass Militantz, you come to DANCE!!

Dj Chapman was on the decks playing some mean beats with A.T, Viper and Gully controlling the mic. The sound system sounded crisp and clean and the bass was warm and deep. When Chapman dropped one of my favourite tunes ‘Alien Girl’, I was there with the rest of the entire crowd calling for the rewind. By the time Chapman had finished his set, the crowd were hyped up and wanting more. Up next was Bass Militantz co founders Relentless and Kyzr.

It was great to see and hear a huge ovation for the local Leicester talent by the ravers. Relentless started off proceedings playing a rock solid tight set which got the entire venue dancing and moving. Birmingham Mc’s Datkyid and Kuedon stepped up to ride out the set and keep the crowd moving. Their flow and combination MC’ing was amazing and they got the crowd going hyper. Relentless by name, Relentless by nature, this DJ did not stop dropping bombs. As the vibes continued to grow, up came Dj Kyzr to whip the crowd into a frenzy. His effortless mixing and impeccable tune selection showed this was a Dj not to be taken lightly. As this amazing back to back set was coming to an end, word began to buzz around that Majistrate and Eksman had entered the venue.

As Majistrate set up his first tune, Eksman gave a little mic check which was greeted by a huge roar from the crowd. Then began what was the set of the night. This was the first time I had seen Majistrate play live and it was amazing to witness his skill first hand. Each tune was bigger than the one before and got the crowd going wild. His mixing was perfect and it was clear to see why Majistrate is considered to be one of the best dance floor Dj’s in the Drum and Bass scene today. Eksman is considered to be the number one MC within Drum and Bass and his performance showed exactly why.

Here was a man who was in total control of the mic and also the crowd. His call and response signature lyrics had everyone shouting ‘BLAP BLAP BLAP’, there were guys and girls chatting along with him throughout the set. His lyrics were not just hype up lyrics, he chatted conscious, party, fun, dark and fast lyrics also. This was an amazing performance given by an amazing performer. One thing I noticed during this set was the venue all of a sudden had become very small. It would be fair to say everyone was on the dance floor enjoying this amazing set.

Before anyone knew it, the set was over. Even though the set was over an hour, it felt like 30 minutes – time flies when you are having fun I guess. Speaking to Majistrate after his set, he said he always loved playing in Leicester and was impressed with how well the Bass Militantz crew were doing. Taking time out to speak to us, Eksman also expressed how hyped up the Leicester crowd were.

Up next was Dj Pleasure alongside Jaff and Blu Bomma. Bringing a totally different vibe to the night, Pleasure kept the vibes going with Blu Bomma and Jaff coming on strong. The crowd were still dancing and enjoying another amazing performance by the Dj and the Mc’s. I just want to point out that throughout the entire night, the MC’s were all extremely good, all bringing different flavours to the mic and all getting amazing reactions from the crowd.

Dan X-Cell came on to bring the show to a close with A.T, Vandal, Tempz and others. The event ended not with a final tune but with the system being turned off. The ravers did not want to leave and so the powers that be had to take matters into their own hands. Before the venue began to clear out, the remaining ravers all sang birthday boy A.T ‘Happy Birthday’ and so ended what was a brilliant event.

Throughout there were no bad vibes, no attitude, no trouble. Everyone was friendly and everyone was dancing which is great to see. I would urge all readers to attend an event to see for yourself how electric the atmosphere is at a Bass Militantz event. It would be fair to say if the Bass Militantz crew continue in this vain, they are surely going to become a major force within the scene.

The Friday Flex team would like to thank A.T., Kyzr and Relentless for making us feel so welcome. Big ups to Majistrate, Eksman and Pleasure for amazing performances, and for taking time out to speak with us. Big ups to all the Dj’s and Mc’s who gave amazing performances throughout the night. Finally Maximum Respect to all the REAL ravers in attendance who made this event one to remember.

Check out Bass Militantz on:

Twitter - @bassmilitantz

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Written by Sush @Sush1310 & Uploaded by VZONE Multimedia