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Friday Flex goes to Aba Shanti @ Dub Rehab

Added: Saturday 13th July 2013 05:30:03 AM

Friday Flex goes to Aba Shanti @ Dub Rehab

The mighty Kontakt and One Dub came together to bring the Leicester massive and amazing night at the Music Cafe.

Date: June 21st 2013, Venue: The Music Cafe, Leicester.

The legendary Aba Shanti was in session for a SIX HOUR Dubplate session. At the front door of the venue, we were greeted by both Iman and Kontakt. It was great catching up with both guys and they both assured as this would be an amazing event.

As we entered the venue, the familiar smell of frankincense filled the atmosphere. The place was already fully packed. The Aba Shanti sound system is something that needs to be heard in person because it is amazing.

Anyone who has ever been to the Leicester carnival will have heard the Aba Shanti sound system but may not know it. If you attend the carnival and feel that bassline in your feet then that is the Aba Shanti sound system in effect. Having always heard it in an open air environment, I have always wondered what the sound would be like indoors. Intense would come close but still not do the sound justice.

Watching Aba Shanti in full flow is a sight to behold. He was selecting the tunes, toasting on the mic, blazing out some mind blowing sound effects and controlling the levels all by himself. This truly was a master at work. Throughout the entire event, he had the crowd totally under his spell. I was impressed with how Aba would be furiously looking for tunes and every once in a while peek at the crowd over his shoulder. Always watching the crowd, Aba would know if the energy would begin to wane. So he would toast a few lyrics, or play some sound effects or select a new tune. My personal favourite was when he would crank up the ground shaking bassline which would get everyone moving regardless.

This was a great event and it was nice to see so many people out enjoying the vibes.

Here is a short profile of Aba Shanti:

Sound system operator Aba Shanti – I is a yearly highlight of London’s Notting Hill Carnival, where he’s held court since the 1970s with one of the most powerful rigs around. To his many followers, Aba is a heritage selector, synonymous with his legendary dub-plate collection, running his tracks like “Jah Lord” and “Jah Lightning And Thunder” on speakers so bass-heavy they can dislodge kidney stones. Aba was also one of the first touring sounds to acknowledge diversity in his audience, and always emphasises messages of unity and integration whilst toasting on the mic.

The Friday Flex team would like to thank Kontakt, One Dub, The Music Cafe and of course the Legend Aba Shanti for what was an amazing event

Check out ONE DUB on:

Facebook - One Dub

Youtube - One Dub


Written by Sush @Sush1310 & Uploaded by VZONE Multimedia