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Friday Flex Meets Ranj, Jake & Liam from Leicester Shootfighters

Added: Sunday 14th July 2013 07:24:19 AM

Friday Flex Meets Ranj, Jake & Liam from Leicester Shootfighters

The Friday Flex team were happy to welcome Ranjeet Baria , Liam Corrigan and Jake Constantinou to the show.

Date: May 24th 2013, Venue: EAVA FM Studios, Leicester

Both Ranj and Jake were very excited at the prospect of fighting in Japan and were looking forward to their fights. Liam discussed how he was fighting at European amateur level. It was apparent from all three athletes that they loved the sport they were involved in.

Following on from their trip to Japan, we caught up with both Ranj and Jake to discuss how they feel they performed.

Below are the quotes from both fighters which we have left intact to give you the reader an insight into the characters of the two fighters:

Ranjeet Baria

Q. Hows things?

A. Marvelous

Q. What was it like fighting in Japan?

A. It was an incredible experience. Fighting on a big show abroad was very different as we had to deal with alot of changes, such as new time zone, new food, media commitments and not having our regular team or coach to support us. The time difference was 8hrs, but tbh I think we got lucky as there wasnt really any noticeable jet lag. Neither of us got any upset stomachs from the radical change in food, but we did avoid the raw fish just incase, so that probably helped. The media were great, as were the fans, who were very respectful and actually quite supportive considering we were the foreign team of fighters.

Q. Tell us how the fight went?

A. Well, I lost a decision to a good Japanese fighter, but tbh I dont think he actually beat me. Going in I knew nothing about him other than he was a striker, but as soon as the bell rang I discovered he was a southpaw and he fought in wrestling boots to give him better grip. I've not got the video to watch it back and I'm not a judge, but I'm sure I won the first round, and he got some major damage points in the second by bloodying my nose and landing some decent shots, but the fight ended with me taking him down, getting on top, landing some ground and pound and going for the choke before the clock ran out. It was at least a draw, but again, I'm not a judge so I could be wrong. Im uninjured and only fighting two 3 minute rounds didnt give me alot of time to work, so next time i'll have to come out faster and more aggressive.

Q. Whats next for both of you?

A. Train harder and keep getting better. We spend many hours training and a fight is only mere minutes, so the fight itself is only a small part of the journey. The reason I train is for enjoyment and my competitve nature is what drives me to get better and to get the wins in competition. A loss is something I can learn from and is just another bit a fuel to drive me to work harder towards my goal of being the best I can be. For now I just want to try to add some new tools to my arsenal, compete in a few grappling tournaments and then look to fight again in September or October.

Jake Constaninou

Fighting in Japan was a pretty incredible experience. I've never been apart of such a large show, or fought for a promotion that put so much effort into their show. The venue and production was seriously impressive, you can really tell its a country that takes Martial Arts seriously, from the respect of the fans to the scale of event. Being a part of press conferences, interviews, promos and an event ceremony made us feel pretty big time!!

Well leading up to fight me and my coach Nathan Leverton had come up with the game plan to grapple with my opponents, given his long shoot boxing background. However minutes before the bell rang, standing across from the ring, I was informed by my corner man Lee Hasdell that he was going to try and take me down. So then it really became a kickboxing match. We stood and traded for the majority, as much as he attempted my opponents just wasn't getting me down, he tried using his clinch to knee but I think I was getting the better of him there too. His clinch eventual became a stall cause he was tired and hurt. I was definitely more dominant, but when the time was up I was still paranoid about the decision, being in Japan against a Japanese fighter!! I was told in the build up, to win a decision your really gonna have to dominate, but I got the nod from the judges and won a decision.

There's another Battle Arena in September in Leicester. It's a good time and easy due to it being local and having training partners that will also be fighting on the show. I have asked for an English National title shot, as Ranj hold the British title. I haven't been given any confirmation yet, but this is most likely where you will next see Jakey C in action!!

Liam Corrigan has also been very busy with his own career. The recently took part in a tournament IBJJF European NOGI in Rome. Known as ‘Bermuda’ by fellow fighters for his skill in locking in Triangle submission holds, Liam is always a force to be reckoned with.

The Friday Flex team always enjoy having MMA fighters attend our shows as they bring a completely different type of energy to the show. Check the guys out on Facebook for pictures and even videos to gain an understanding of exactly how hard these guys train and work.


Written by Sush @Sush1310 & Uploaded by VZONE Multimedia