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Friday Flex meets BassLayerz - Mc Spyda and Slipz

Added: Monday 22nd July 2013 08:53:26 AM

Friday Flex meets BassLayerz - Mc Spyda and Slipz

It was a pleasure to welcome Dj Slipz and Mc Spyda from the BassLayerz to the show for a chat and an exclusive set.

Date: June 7th 2013, Venue: EAVA FM Studios, Leicester.

Having created two amazing mixtapes already the demand is high for Volume 3. Both Slipz and Spyda confirmed it would happen. They also confirmed that it would contain new music as well as new lyrics. As this process takes time and effort, both Slipz and Spyda said the new mixtape would probably be released towards the end of this year.

Below is an in depth bio on the BassLayerz:

Basslayerz is a combination of three musical minds (Slipz, Bomma & Spyda) and although only formed in October 2011, they are already receiving regular bookings from all over!

Whilst mainly performing Drum & Bass, BassLayerz are first and foremost 'Entertainers' and have a style and energy that enables them to relate to almost any dance orientated crowd.

Slipz is a producer/DJ and has had numerous releases and chart topping success, as-well as working with artists such as Aquasky, Daddy Freddy(Guinness World Record Holder for Fastest Rapper ever), MC Trigga and many more. He has also had tracks remixed by artists such as BBC Radio 1's DJ Friction and received support from other Radio1 and 1Xtra DJ's; Kissy Sell-out, Ras Kwame, Anne Nightingale and DJ Cameo.

Slipz now concentrates mainly on D'n'B, receiving regular bookings all over the UK including Raveology & Random Concept, as-well as Europe i.e. Italy & Germany, building a solid, fast growing reputation as a DJ for the dance floor. He has also put artists together i.e. Turno and Spyda to make the recent hit 'Balaclava' & most recently has a legal dnb show for Kemet FM in Nottingham lined up.

MC Bomma or "Blu Bomma" is a well known MC on the Drum 'n' Bass circuit, having played at just about every major D'n'B event in the UK, as-well as Europe, working alongside some of the biggest names in the industry, on the stage and in the studio. He also co-wrote the Pendulum smash hit, "Tarantula", attending studio sessions with Rob Swire from Pendulum, DJ Fresh and of course, the Black Tarantula himself, MC Spyda.

Blu Bomma has also recently had a track released on the infamous Playaz Recordings entitled "Coming In Stealth" and has various other projects in the pipeline, with a host of established producers.

MC SPYDA is a "legendary" name within the DnB/Jungle scene but started out as a dancehall MC in the early 80's, which is where he built up his distinctive reggae style of MC'ing. He has worked in the studio with the finest producers/artists that Dance music has to offer, such as Pendulum, DJ Fresh, Benny Page, Knife Party, Matrix and Furturebound, RokSonix, Knife Party and many more...

Also known as the 'Black Tarantula', he has held residencies at various promotions and clubs, such as Pandemonium, Telepathy, Rage, Hacienda, Dark House, Jungle Slammer, Detonate, Gamma Funkula, Sidewinder, Formation Records, Hysteria, Random Concept, Global Gathering and many more...

When performing together Slipz, Bomma and Spyda are known as "The BassLayerz", due to the fact that they "Lay the Bass"!! Providing high energy sets that are guaranteed to make the crowd bounce!!

Make sure you keep your eyes peeled so that you can catch one of their sets live and direct!!!

If you have not yet seen the video of the exclusive set, please check out our website. This was an amazing performance by Mc Spyda which had the listeners going wild.

We would like to thank Slipz and Spyda for coming into studio and look forward to more amazing material from all three of these very talented artists.

Check out Bass Layerz on:

Twitter - @BassLayerz

Facebook - Bass Layerz


Written by Sush @Sush1310 & Uploaded by VZONE Multimedia