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Friday Flex meets Centre of Attention (COA)

Added: Friday 26th July 2013 03:17:51 AM

Friday Flex meets Centre of Attention (COA)

The Friday Flex team were happy to welcome Tashan and Amari from Centre of Attention to the show.

Date: June 21st 2013, Venue: EAVA FM Studios, Leicester.

Centre of Attention (COA) is an organisation set up to help young people who are not in education and are looking to learn new skills and gain knowledge. COA is a part of the Leicester Youth Education Project (YEP!).

Below is bio of COA:

Tashan Larento Tesfa Wilkin, COA Chairman

I am the chairman of Centre of Attention (COA). COA is a voluntary youth organisation run by young people for young people. As the chairman of COA I have many duties including creating the COA brand, organising meetings, helping to create the design of the website and bringing new ideas and creativity to the team. I am also responsible for keeping the team together.

Currently I am perfecting business ideas for the team and my own personal projects as well as taking part in the safeguarding of young people/adults for the Youth Education Project (YEP!).

I am also training to be a youth mentor for YEP!, I have always worked with young adults so I’m excited to become a youth mentor as I believe we all need education to have a better chance of getting to where we want to be in life.

For the growth of my own personal development I am currently studying English and Maths level 2, as well as studying car mechanics level 1.

In my spare time I often go bike riding and build and repair cycles as I am an experienced cycle technician. I Love going to the gym and promoting a healthy life style. Another pass time of mine is to create music, I write lyrics and rap to hip hop beats.

“I believe every person, everybody in the world, no matter what race or sexuality, gender or religion, has the right to education and training and I believe every young person should be the Centre of Attention.”

Amari Rainford, COA Secretary

I am the volunteer secretary for COA and as such, I help plan and run projects. One project that I have been involved in is developing a YEP! Football team, encouraging all YEP! learners to be involved.

I am also part of the Youth Crime Commission for Leicestershire, where young people are able to have their views heard and have a chance to have an impact on making communities safer.

I really enjoy working with young people and bringing about positive outcomes in their lives. I volunteer as a mentor at YEP!, helping young people on the Art and Digital Media course.

Lukas Grebliauskas, Board Member

Currently I am studying Urban Arts at YEP! I usually draw Manga style characters and graffiti. I have produced a couple of t-shirts with the characters I draw, the designs on the t-shirts are all hand made. During the first stage of creating the design for the t-shirt I draw the sketch on paper. Once I am happy with the design I sketch it on to the t-shirt then use a biro pen to make the design stand out more, so that I can see the guide lines ready to use acrylic paint. After the paint is dry I use the heat press to make the paint set into the fabric, this also helps the paint to be nice and smooth ready for the next coat of paint. This process is repeated twice for the t-shirt to be finished and ready to sell.

In the future I would like to have a career in games design and development. I would like to work as a part of a team because I see myself as a team player; COA has given me the opportunity to develop this skill. I can also work independently as long as I know what I am doing! However, I want to keep my options open to other job roles such as an animator, creating commercials, an actor or a film director.

It was great having the guys come into the studio and explain what they are all about. The whole idea behind helping the younger people is something the Friday Flex team embrace. During the show Tashan displayed his musical ability by performing his song ‘What is life?’ live in the studio.

The COA movement is something positive for the young people of Leicester and we would urge any young people interested to check them out for more information on:

Centre of Attention (COA)

Youth Education Project - YEP!


Written by Sush @Sush1310 & Uploaded by VZONE Multimedia