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Sgt Sarah Widdowson visits EAVA FM to discuss the latest crime in the community.

Added: Wednesday 28th August 2013 07:27:04 AM

Sgt Sarah Widdowson visits EAVA FM to discuss the latest crime in the community.

Sgt Sarah Widdowson discussed a number of topics that’s been affecting the local community and acknowledged the local resident’s questions on certain issues.

Date: 27th August 2013, Venue: EAVA FM Studios, Leicester.

Anti-Theft Screws was a hot topic as an increasing number of vehicle number plates have been stolen because it’s either used on other stolen cars or people keeping it for collection. Sgt Sarah Widdowson hopes for a future Project to work with Garages to fit in the anti-theft screws that will prevent this crime along with others. Anti-Theft Screws can be bought at your local DIY stores such as Halfords or online Retail websites such as Ebay.

Sgt Sarah Widdowson gave a number of advices for the community that are worth taking note of:

Be Careful with recycling documents that has your personal details such as bank details, invoices etc. To prevent this, shredding should be done.

Burglary in the Rushey Mead and Belgrave area still happens. This is because the residents leave windows open mostly downstairs and to prevent this residents must take precaution and must not leave windows opened, downstairs and upstairs when they are asleep or when they are out. Communities should also be more aware and keep their eyes peeled out on their neighbourhood.

Car thefts are still a common occurrence. Never leave anything valuable out on display, such as Sat-NAVS, mobile phones, IPODS etc

For any advice or News and Appeals, visit their website on www.leics.police.uk/local-policing/belgrave or call 101.

Twitter: @LPBelgrave

Facebook: leicestercitypolice

Email: keyhamlane.lpu@Leicestershire.pnn.police.uk

Written by Sohail Uploaded by Sohail