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PC Laura Nutt and PC Rebecca Tilbury visits EAVA FM to discuss the latest crime in the community.

Added: Sunday 8th September 2013 08:17:23 AM

PC Laura Nutt and PC Rebecca Tilbury visits EAVA FM to discuss the latest crime in the community.

PC Laura Nutt and PC Rebecca Tilbury discussed a number of topics that’s been affecting the local community and talked about important events that will be happening in the future.

Date: 2nd September 2013, Presenter/Show: Deedar Community Show, Venue: EAVA FM Studios, Leicester.

Leicestershire Police are encouraging dog owners to behave responsible when taking their pets out in Public. This is due to an increase number of dog attacks on people and on other dogs. Dog owners can be held liable and potentially face prosecution for a criminal offence if this occurs. Therefore, dog owners should be keeping their dogs under control all times.

New Driving fines have been enforced; meaning motorists who drive carelessly will face harsher penalties. Tailgating and hogging the middle lane can now result in a £100 on the spot fine, which will fall under careless driving. Police will also be able to fine drivers who do not give way at T-junction or who use the wrong lane on roundabouts.

Other penalties are as follows:

-Failing to give way, wrongfully stopping on hard shoulders, obscuring the number plate, misuse of headlights, and sounding the horn at night; £50 Fine.
-Using mobile phones whilst driving, speeding, reversing on the motorway and not stopping at a red light; £100 Fine and points on your licence.
-Having no tax disc , not wearing a seat belt, driving without an MOT; £100 Fine.
- Failure to identify driver; £200 Fine and points on your licence.
- Driving without insurance; £300 Fine and points on your licence.

We at EAVA FM encourage the communities to abide by these rules when driving and be cautious that all these are followed. After all safety is very important and must be ensured.

Finally, Belgrave Leicestershire Police are having regular policing meetings that give you the chance to influence what happens in your neighbourhood and are open to everyone. You can tell your neighbourhood team what issues concern you.

The events are as followed:
Belgrave Beat Surgery – 13th/27th September, 11th/25th October, 8th November 2013
18:30 – 19:30
Gujarati Hindu Association
51 Loughborough Road, LE4 5LT

Cycling Event Latimer– 27th September 2013
Sure Start Youth Club
Cossington Street, Leicester, LE4 6JD

Cycling Event Latimer– 28th September 2013
Back of Sainsburys
5 Belgrave Road, Leicester, LE4 6AR

For more information on the events or any News and Appeals, visit their website on www.leics.police.uk/local-policing/belgrave or call 101.

Twitter: @LPBelgrave

Facebook: leicestercitypolice

Written by Sohail Uploaded by Sohail