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Friday Flex welcomes Emperorfari Sound System on EAVA FM

Added: Tuesday 17th September 2013 07:59:30 AM

Friday Flex welcomes Emperorfari Sound System on EAVA FM

We were happy to have the mighty Emperorfari Soundsystem take over the Friday Flex show. We were joined by Scee Naphtali, Jam Dubber, Mr Feelgood, Rootical and Steveo Dan.

Date: 6th September 2013, Venue: EAVA FM Studios, Leicester.

The show was unique as we were playing exclusive Emperorfari Dubplates which would not be available to anyone. We were honoured by this generous gesture by Scee. The show was to discuss the session which was to be held the following evening at the Music Cafe. The event was to feature the Emperorfari Soundsystem from Leicester, Maasai Warrior from Bristol and from Geneva Switzerland Lion Youth Sound.

Following on from their previous visit, we discussed the whole process of setting up a stack in detail. The process known as stringing up was explained by Rootical. He explained how the speaker boxes some of which would require five men to lift would need to be transported to the venue. Next they would need to be arranged and wired up to the amps. Learning from each experience, the crew can have their system strung up usually within an hour. Mr Feelgood also explained what was the difference between the upcoming event and a clash. A clash is when two sound systems play against each other to see who is the best. He also explained in more detail the roles of the Dj, the soundman and the toaster. Sharing a story of when he played on the same bill as the Great David Rodigan, Mr Feelgood brought a feel good vibe.

Discussing the event, the guys explained that this again was not a sound clash or sound system verses sound system. This event again was being held as a dance to promote love and unity. The show featured a lot of Dubplates from Emperorfari for the listeners to get a feel of the music which would be played on the night. Mr Feelgood, Rootical and I touched the mic with lyrics to complement the music.

This again was another fantastic show which was enjoyed by all the listeners. We want to thank the Emperorfari family for coming into the studio.

Check out Emperorfari Sound System on:

Twitter - @EmperorfariScee

Facebook - Emperorfari Sound System

Youtube - Emperorfari Sound System


Written by Sush @Sush1310 & Uploaded by VZONE Multimedia