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Bass Militantz 2nd Birthday Bash @ The Music Cafe with the Friday Flex team.

Added: Tuesday 8th October 2013 07:34:30 AM

Bass Militantz 2nd Birthday Bash @ The Music Cafe with the Friday Flex team.

The Friday Flex team went to join in on the festivities celebrating the second birthday bash of the Bass Militantz. The headline for the event was Dj Ruffstuff and Mc Funsta.

Bass Militantz 2nd Birthday Bash, Date: 28th September 2013, Venue: The Music Cafe, Leicester.

As we entered the venue, Jackhammer was riding out the decks with Vandal, Jaff and AT on Mic duties. Once again the packed venue was full of punters who were out to have a great evening. Up next was Relentless with Mc Phatz and Brooka from Derby. Relentless always plays a dark rolling set and his first tune had the crowd going crazy all the way to the end of the set.

Kyzr was next with Kuedon and Dat Kyid and this was one of the best sets of the night. Kyzr was drawing the big tunes which lead to rewind after rewind after rewind. Kuedon and Dat Kyid were on absolute fire and complemented the set perfectly. These two guys are amazing in a combination and get the crowd going.

Up next was the main event with Dj Ruffstuff and Mc Funsta playing a special 90 minute set. The selection played by Ruffstuff was untouchable and his mixing made this set a very special birthday gift to all the Bass Militantz crew. Mc Funsta had returned from a Canadian tour. Even though he said he was tired, once the set started, he gave his performance his full energy. The ladies dancing at the front loved the set and were singing along with almost all of the lyrics Funsta displayed.

Once again this event gave the real ravers a great night. Local legend Dj SS was also in the venue showing his support on the night. The Music Cafe has to be one of the best venues in Leicester. The light show was one of the best I have ever seen in Leicester. By the end, the security had to shut down the music on Intencitys set and direct the ravers to the exits. The ravers did not want to leave and were screaming for one more tune which Intencity fixed up like a true soldier - this is testament to how much the crowd enjoy a Bass Militantz night.

Congratulations to The Bass Militantz on reaching this milestone.

Big shouts to The Music Cafe staff, Nick, Yasin, Randolph and the Security, Visionary Veej, Mikey T, Josh and all the real ravers.

Check out Bass Militantz on:

Twitter - @bassmilitantz

Facebook - Bass Militantz


Written by Sush @Sush1310 & Uploaded by VZONE Multimedia