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Mr Bonnie Blazer live on the Friday Flex show

Added: Tuesday 15th October 2013 10:06:47 AM

Mr Bonnie Blazer live on the Friday Flex show

The Friday Flex team were happy to welcome to the show Bonnie Blazer. Originally from Bristol, Bonnie also grew up in Gloucester.

Date: 4th October 2013, Venue: EAVA FM Studios, Leicester.

Listening to the reggae music his father would play gave Bonnie the inspiration to want to be involved in music. In the mid nineties, Bonnie would listen to Jungle. This gave him the drive to want to start chatting to music. Bonnie said producers such as Shy Fx and Roni Size really made a big impression on him.

As time progressed so did Bonnies philosophy in music. As he mentioned during the show, "music is an art". Bonnies music and lyrical content is very different from that of his peers. He likes to use influences from all genres of music. As exhibited in "Jupiter" which has a catchy guitar riffs.

Bonnie mentioned that he is "trying to come from a different angle" with his songs. If you hear a Bonnie tune, it is hard not to appreciate not only his flow, but also the subject matter which is very philosophical.

Bonne will be dropping a mix tape very soon so make sure you look out for it. Here is an artist not a singer, who believes in his music, his craft - his art. He always tries to be creative and is always striving to reach bigger and better heights. He is another amazing talent in Leicester that will have you enjoying some amazing musical art.

From Mr Bonnie Blazers Bio

Mr Bonnie Blazer is a recording artist and performer who has a longstanding relationship with his art. His early days in Bristol and Birmingham involved growing up around sound systems, music heads and even hanging backstage with the likes of UB40. Absorbing the magic, he decided to make music his vice. And has been unstoppable since.

Supporting Akala, English Frank, Logic, Rodney P, Wretch 32, Sway, Benga, Silkie and more, Blazer has been imprinting his unmistakable sound onto the who's who of the Hiphop and Dub scene.

Mr Bonnie Blazer’s more notable performances to date have included Hiphop Isn't Dead (Feb 2013), Love Music Hate Racism Festival (2012) and the Outlook Festival pre-party (2011)

Mr Bonnie Blazer's sound is unique and although a love of both American and UK Hiphop is clear, he sets himself apart with his Afrocentric style, Rastafarian roots and dub background. His hashtag/ethos #StayOrganic resonates throughout his discography, which ranges from deep, dark & retrospective, to uplifting & inspirational music and even an occasional party banger. Blazers passion for music is clearly evident whenever he graces a mic, delivering a level of energy and charisma that’s too intoxicating to not take note.

As well as recognition from his peers he’s been well received by the press with airplay on BBC Radio 1xtra, BBC Introducing, and support from his local stations and publications in the midlands.

“Stay Fresh, Stay Bless, #StayOrganic”.

Check out Mr Bonnie Blazer on:


Facebook - Mr Bonnie Blazer

Twitter - @mr_blazer


Written by Sush @Sush1310 & Uploaded by VZONE Multimedia