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Geoff Saul visits EAVA FM to discuss about ESOL

Added: Tuesday 3rd December 2013 02:00:12 PM

Geoff Saul visits EAVA FM to discuss about ESOL

Geoff Saul is the ESOL Curriculum Area Manager at Leicester College. Geoff talked about ESOL lessons and what Leicester College has to offer the community.

Date: 3rd December 2013, Presenter/Show: Dee's Community Show, Venue: EAVA FM Studios, Leicester.

ESOL stands for English for Speakers of Other Languages. The staff at Leicester College work tirelessly up to 50 weeks in a year and most of the students don’t take breaks. Leicester College offer English language speaking/listening, reading and writing at all levels.

Geoff Saul talked about how their skills help people achieve long term ambitions whether it is college, university or employment. Every objective is dependant of skill, background or experience however “every step forward is an achievement”.

According to the Leicester College website, 91% of ESOL learners are happy at Leicester College, and 96% of the learners find their teaching staff helpful.

Leicester College also support other vocational skills such as Numeracy, ICT, Childcare, Office skills, Business, Maths and many more. For the full list please visit the Leicester College ESOL website on Leicester College ESOL

ESOL courses are offered at the following venues:
Abbey Park Campus
Painter Street,
Leicester, LE1 3WA.

Belgrave Area
Unit 1, 111 Ross Walk, Belgrave,
Leicester, LE4 5HH.

Highfields Area
37 St Stephen’s Road, Highfields,
Leicester, LE2 1GH.

West End Area
Bede Island Centre, 22 Upperton Road,
West End, Leicester, LE3 0BT.

Therefore if you want to improve any of your skills that ESOL provides, Leicester College has friendly and welcoming classes which is the best way to achieve your long term ambitions.

Geoff Saul took time to thank his hard working staff for making ESOL very successful. We at EAVA FM would like to continue those sentiments and wish Geoff Saul and all the staff at Leicester College all the very best and to continue the hard work.

Written by Sohail, Uploaded by Sohail