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Stamina Li & Aretha Marie-Jah visit the Friday Flex show at EAVA FM

Added: Friday 6th December 2013 07:54:16 AM

Stamina Li & Aretha Marie-Jah visit the Friday Flex show at EAVA FM

The Friday Flex team were honoured to welcome Stamina Li and Aretha Marie-Jah to the studio on the eve on the album launch party of Stamina Li’s album ‘Time is Now’

Date:15th November 2013, Venue: EAVA FM Studios

Stamina discussed how this album is been in the making for some time and he wanted to showcase music from all the different genres that have influenced him. Hailing from the Martinique and now residing in London, Stamina is a hard working individual with his own unique style.

He blessed the Mic as soon as he entered the studio with an introduction and freestyle on a Hip Hop riddim which set the tone for the show. Also an accomplished saxophone player, Stamina Li is a man steeped in musical knowledge and experience.

His album has lots to offer and we would recommend a listen. ‘Time is Now’ and ‘In my sight’ are both amazingly catchy tunes. His lyrics are conscious and he preaches a vibe of Peace, Love and Unity.

Alongside Stamina Li, we were also joined by Aretha Marie-Jah who was also performing the following night.

Aretha who is from London discussed how she has also been involved in music for a long time and is a recording artist who has made many tunes. Performing live on the show, Aretha treated the listeners to a live version of ‘Rasta Chanters’ which was amazing. Having Stamina support with singing the background vocals created an amazing vibe.

Not content with just that one performance, Aretha then switched into a true freestyle mode and performed an amazing freestyle on an Emperorfari Dubplate. If you missed this performance, then you missed something very, very special.

We would like to thank both Stamina Li and Aretha Marie-Jah for taking time out of their busy schedule and joining us in the show.

Also special mention to Scee Naphtali, Jam Dubber and Mr Feelgood for bringing the vibes.

Below is a Stamina Li biography:

Raggamuffin Stamina Li Artist-Musician (Singjay, MC, Sax Player)

(WassMuffin Sound/Togeda Inna Di Gideon/Temple Eye Hi Fi/Teshuvah Hi-Fi)

Greetings to one and all, Readers from, N, S, E, West!

Our Creator gave I&I the breath of life in the mid 70s I-man came from a long way down a Azania aka Africa Grandson of a slave deported to Martinique (Arawak-FWI), my father met up with my mama (from North Africa) in Europe, and they bring forth I&I going back to Martinique.

The Powers of Music within the family hood and the cultural environment was and is still strong, and I&I give thanks fi dat; these powerful vibes out of my musical tree when I was growing up (Bele (Martinique), Compas (Haiti), Reggae (Jamaica) and Jazz (New Orleans) mek mi feel rich today; and on this day I reckon the sounds and works of blessed persons like Eugene Mona, Charlie Parker, Stellio and the bands like Malavoi, Kassav, The Wailers, Tabou Combo as an indispensable strength given to me at the time, without me recognizing this as a troubled youth. A strong influence came from my father, great instrumentalist himself who taught me respect & discipline and provided me with the trumpet, my first musical instrument. Later I moved onto playing the sax - & so I am glad today to be able to blow the horns, to feel and play the music in a Majestical way!

All these musicians taught me the way to express certain things; and because I was very observatory, I had many views to express regarding certain issues affecting me, and the down pressed people. Time was to come for me to really feel this motivation of fighting against injustice.

Later I&I took up vocal expression naturally by putting words over the melodies comin out of my inner soul. Also the beautiful island of Martinique (Madinina) influenced me a lot and particularly the countryside that is St Joseph (Long-Bois) where my base is.

When I was about 16 years old I was well inspired by local deejays (and their Reality Lyrics) like MC Janick, Daddy Yod, Typical Fefe, Doc Savage, Daddy Fusby and others like Sluggy Ranks, Buju Banton, Tony Rebel and Terry Ganzie. During the early 90s our Creator set tings further for I&I: Influenced by the collectif La T.D.A (Toujours Dans lAction) from my own parish, I was involved in the Sound System environment and I then recorded my first tune for JM Harmony under the name Prince Master C featuring Stamina Junior, it is entitled Little Sista from the album Ragga Party. This helped me to carry on, and being a sound system fanatic I was representin in our local youth dances. These times really boosted me up as a youthman, giving I&I the opportunities to live, see and practice the good as well as the bad a man can do, for now I am aware; I then opened my eyes and my heart to the motives and purposes of my presence in this Iration, and my faith as a person started talking for me and thats why Ill always be thankful to Rastafari for making me part of His Creation.

In 1996, He made it possible for I&I to reach the sunny south of France (Montpellier) there I gathered together with Dicka, Tonikal Warny and Katan and we created the WASSMUFFIN SOUND, now joined by Wassouri. Our persistence and determination brought us as the Raggamuffin sound not expected and well respected. As this experience continues to this day, I must tell you to look out for a Wassmuffin something in your ears soon. I also had the chance to work with other peoples, sounds and bands who helped me to build my vibes better, practicing, touring and recording in Europe, the West Indies and Africa. Mellow Sound, Rude Boy Syndicate, Artikal Band, Akyson K, KG Sound, Ras Tea, Selecta Donkad in France. Binghiman Sound, Watta Sound, Prophesy Sound, Stamina Junior in Martinique, Mystic Terrific Messenjah, N.B. Jaad, The Mighty Tabot Sound, Jah Marcus High Grade Sound, Frontline International, I Eternal I Sound and Colin Blow in England to name a few.also because I acknowledge the part played by all the masses and the fans met so far on the road.

Out of all this, I am a man of conscious lyrics, reaching for the people with the words of truth, love and reality, fighting for freedom, equal rights and justice, with the microphone or with my saxophone, I must let my soul sing!

And now I live with the Music well perceived as a Medicine, and Unity as a Strength, and Love as the Foundation (The real medicine is the music, so I&I walk wid it and yu no Mi cyan left it, no.)

Back in 2002 I set up a foundation named TOGEDA INNA DE GIDEON, Along with Selecta Ron, active member of the well known Cultural Vibes Reggae Radio Show (www.culturalvibes.net), between Montpellier and London. This foundation focuses on showcasing unique new talents in order to promote love, justice and togetherness. At the early time of this Togetherness we linked up with the Roots Studio Promotion and this helped me getting further into the UK Roots scene. We also went on to produce a first of its kind original Double CD set entitled Reggae get Stronga-Word, Sound, Power which you are advised to look for.

I am also now on a partnership with TEMPLE EYE which is a new concept of musical teaching elaborated by N.B. Jaad, aiming towards spiritual upliftment. More recently I joined forces with Teshuvah Hi-Fi, and in moving forwards with the sound system have gone on to release the track entitled Signs of the Times where I feature as StaSax alongside Hornsman Coyote on the Warning Riddim released on the Repentance Music label. (see track listing above) This track, as well as a tribute to Dennis Brown (Promised Land) on My Space/track listing triggered a lot of interest for my sax playing. I have also recorded as StaSax on the original work entitled Un tour de monde (African flavoured dancing tune, reminding people of the works of Fela Kuti & Issac Hayes/on Demara Records, featuring Love & Salt, distributed by www.kudosrecords.co.uk). Also find the earlier works of StaSax on recordings for Piano B - www.piano-b.com based in Italy.

Finally as long as the Most I Rastafari keeps I alive, you people must expect me and my Rub a Dub partners somewhere near you or straight into your ears on a musical mission. Thanks Giveth to Word, Thanks Giveth to Sound, All praises due unto the Most I Jah Rastafari who give I&I the strength and the powers

Many thanks for reading .. and listening to my songs.. and supporting the whole works.

YOU ENJOY I&I Vibes, Be Wise and Take Care!

I cannot forget to mention Sista Lordjah, Rita and Janaina, three of my beloved sisters who are helping me going through, and I must pay tribute to the late great Wadikal Joe Nesta.




Written by Sush @Sush1310 & Uploaded by VZONE Multimedia