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Curtis Clacey & C James from #TEAMCC freestyle on Friday Flex at EAVA FM

Added: Thursday 5th June 2014 10:17:29 AM

Curtis Clacey & C James from #TEAMCC freestyle on Friday Flex at EAVA FM

Starting the show, I was feeling drained of energy after a long week but that all changed once Curtis Clacey and #TeamCC arrived to the EAVA FM studio.

Date: 30th May 2014, Venue: EAVA FM Studios

Their high energy and positive attitude is nothing short of infectious and they gave us one of the best shows we have had in 2014.

Curtis was joined by C James the Hype man and MC, Matt the videographer and Nathan the photographer the remaining members of #TeamCC could not attend the show.

Hailing from Leicester, Curtis is a Rap entertainer who has been involved in music for over eight years. This year alone he has shared the stage with Labyrinth, The Game and The Vamps. The self-proclaimed “Freestyle King of Leicester” prides himself on being able to create lyrics and spit bars on any given subject. We were given an amazing demonstration on this live in the studio when Curtis dropped freestyle of subjects suggested by our listeners. He covered topics ranging from UKIP through to obesity. Make sure you check this out when the video is posted on our Youtube channel.

His EP #1234 shows the talent he possesses and is a must download. On the show, Curtis also gave us the world premiere of his new tune ‘Future Man’ which was only completed four hours before arriving to the studio. The tune was such a massive hit it earned the very rare and special honour of getting THREE REWINDS.

We were also treated to a special freestyle from New York native C James which he had created for the show and was an amazing piece with deep lyrical content. It was great to see such a tight knit crew who were all working together for a common goal. Matt shoots the videos and Nathan captures the images of this journey #TeamCC have embarked on. The video shoot for ‘Teflon’ looked like an amazing event and we will be at the next video shoot for sure.

Here is a bio of Curtis from his Bandcamp page:

My names Curtis Clacey and i am a Rap entertainer from Leicester, UK. I have been making music for over 8 years and pride myself on giving my audience the best experience possible both live and through my music. This year i have shared the stage with Labrinth,The Game and The Vamps! My Second Album is out now and its a non stop party from start to finish! #1234ep is 4 tracks of PURE ENERGY!!

We would like to thank all the guys for coming into the studio and giving us an amazing show. We look forward to see Curtis and #TeamCC grow from strength to strength. With lots more music, appearances and videos in the works, this is definitely a group to look out for…..


Written by Sush @Sush1310 & Uploaded by VZONE Multimedia