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Act4Change: A Creative Approach to Social Action with EAVA FM

Added: Monday 13th June 2016 08:38:05 AM

Act4Change: A Creative Approach to Social Action with EAVA FM

Act4Change is a social action project to be creatively imaginative, inventive, original and visionary for young people to make a change in the community.

Using a creative approach the young people created opportunities engaging with other young people to undertake social action. This created young change makers and young leaders for a better future for tomorrow. Funded by The Mighty Creatives.

The first stage for the young change makers was to research what social change was needed within the community and how to tackle the issue. The young leaders and change makers aim was: Breaking down the image of gang culture. “The Revolution Vol.1” music compilation was the perfect creative vehicle to drive this forward.

Watch - EAVA FM Act4Change: A Creative Approach to Social Action

Watch - EAVA & Youth Education Project (YEP) Performance: Act4Change: A Creative Approach to Social Action

Listen on Soundcloud and download for free:

The aim of “The Revolution Vol.1” was for all the young people to express themselves artistically though music about the difficulties faced by young people in today’s generation and breaking down the image of gang culture.

All the young people involved in this project have all come from many different struggles, life experiences and a “tuff background” so the music created is straight from their heart. The music is something very personal to them and has a lot of meaning to it.

Shoaiyb “Shubbzz” Jogee was one of the change makers and leaders of this project and is part of the EAVA FM youth team. He researched with other young people what social change was needed in the community, organised various meetings and studio sessions with the young people involved. Moving on from the project Shubbzz runs his own youth show live on EAVA FM with other young people every Thursday from 4pm till 6pm. The young leader explains what “The Revolution Vol.1” means:

“We found that music is a way for us to express ourselves to others and could relate to other people and make those that have not come from a tuff background to understand what young people are going through today. The music talks about the struggles of young people in UK, its positive music which also tackles gang crime.”

There was a celebration event at Y Theatre on Friday 29th April where the young change makers presented and performed the project.

If you would like more information please contact Vijay Umrao the marketing manager at EAVA FM by emailing: vijay@eavafm.com.

Wriiten & Uploaded by the EAVA FM Youth Team

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