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Healthwatch Leicester has welcomes professionals from the Leicestershire Partnership NHS.

Added: Wednesday 1st February 2017 09:57:33 AM

Healthwatch Leicester has welcomes professionals from the Leicestershire Partnership NHS.

Healthwatch Leicester has welcomed the opportunity to invite professionals from the Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust during its regular monthly programme on EAVAFM last Tuesday.

Barbara Czyznikowska from Healthwatch Leicester had joined her guests, Tom Allison, Team Lead from the Falls Services and Karen Moore, Respiratory Nurse Specialist who took to the airwaves to talk about the topic of fall prevention in elderly and frails adults, and COPD conditions- with Leicester suffering a high proportion of deaths in the under-75s.

Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust (LPT) provides a range of health and wellbeing services mainly for people living in the city of Leicester and the neighbouring counties of Leicestershire and Rutland. The Trust serves a population of one million people, has a budget in excess of £250 million and employs almost 5,500 staff. The Trust provides care and support through three divisions which focus on:

• Adult mental health and adult learning disability services
• Families, young people and children's services
• Community health services

Tom Allison from the LPT Falls Services explained the importance of fall preventions and highlighted that falling is the main cause of accidental death in the elderly. It is also responsible for much long-term pain, loss of function, and disability. Falls are a common, but often overlooked, cause of injury. Around one in three adults over 65 who live at home will have at least one fall a year. During our show we discussed:

• Risk factors for falls
• Impact of falls on the person
• Treatment options
• Patient feedback on falls prevention
• What as a community/ society we can do to prevent falls

Karen Moore, Respiratory Nurse Specialist spoke about COPD in general terms and how people can look after themselves and the symptoms to look out for. The listeners were given the opportunity to learn more about LPT’s respiratory service and how to get referred and the benefits of pulmonary rehabilitation, COPD medications.

Why have we chosen COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease?

COPD is the name for a collection of lung diseases including chronic bronchiolitis, emphysema and chronic obstructive airways disease. There are a large number of people at risk of developing COPD and many people might unaware that they have the disease. This is significant in a city where respiratory disease is one of the main contributors to the widening life expectancy gap. Over the past 10 years, death rates from COPD have fallen nationally. Rates in Leicester, however, are significantly higher than in England, and Leicester has a high proportion of deaths in the under-75s.

Nearly 14% of all deaths in Leicester are caused by respiratory disease. It is reported that pneumonia accounts for 33% and COPD 30% of these deaths. Mortality rates from both of these diseases are significantly higher in Leicester when compared to the England average.

Across Leicester, higher respiratory mortality rates are seen in the west of Leicester where there are higher levels of deprivation and smoking prevalence.

By far the highest risk factor associated to COPD is smoking tobacco. In fact, 84% of all deaths from COPD are attributable to smoking. In Leicester 25% of people smoke, and it is highest in younger age groups, and as high as 36% in white ethnicity groups. The national smoking prevalence rate is 22%. A long-term smoker, on average, will have a life expectancy of 10 years less than a non-smoker.

In Leicester much higher smoking prevalence is seen in the west of Leicester, predominately among white populations living in areas of high deprivation. Lung cancer rates are also higher in the west of the city.

As always people were encourage to speak to Healthwatch Leicester about their experience of local services or if they need help people to find out about, access and navigate health and social care services through our Helpline. We encourage people to get in touch with us:

Healthwatch Leicester
Helpline: 0116 251 8313
Email: information@healthwatchleicester.co.uk
Web: www.healthwatchleicester.co.uk

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