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Multilingual Radio - Eava FM

Our Mission Statement

EAVA FM’s objective is to socially develop, inform and entertain its niche and diverse community through community radio broadcasting which includes a combination of local news, enterprise, music, information, cultural, faith and educational programmes, all supported by community members, and local stakeholders.

EAVA FM’s philosophy is to broadcast programmes that will be a benefit to all in the community with a view to giving a balanced output targeted to meeting the needs of all, including new migrant communities originating from All over the world.


  • Output will typically comprise 70% music and 30% speech (‘speech’ excludes advertising, programme/promotional trails and sponsor credits).
  • Music output will be mainly from a selection of East African & other local BME genres and includes Somali Music, Reggae, Soukous, Afro Beat, Kwasa Kwasa, Fuji, Kwaito, Asian, Hi Life, Soca, Calipso and R&B from the 90’s until the present also highlighting music of Black origin.
  • Speech output will include magazine programmes in various community languages, interviews & discussions, information, music programming with speech content, documentaries/features and news.
  • The majority of programmes of EAVA FM will be in African and English; with some regular programming in Turkish, Polish, Asian, Chinese, Arabic and Chichewa (Nyanja) French (serving the north African communities) and other African languages depending on volunteer input and demand.
  • The service will typically be live for at least 10 hours per day. (Live programming may include pre-recorded inserts, if applicable.) The majority of the output will be locally produced.

Click here to download our Key Commitments Annual Report Form for year ending 2012

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